Catholic Vision of Love

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Education in the Catholic vision of love and human sexuality is education in an integral part of Catholic faith and life. It is formation in ways of living that are inseparable from the Gospel. Education in human sexuality is inseparable from our overall faith education and formation.

This education is not only instructional. It addresses also the emotions and the whole person. The purpose of this education is to move a person to exercise a personal freedom to choose ways of living that are faithful to the Gospel call.

Thus, its concern is to prepare students to have the ability to make intelligent choices regarding their sexuality; to help them integrate their attitudes toward sexuality with their faith and their whole vision of life; and to enable them to acquire self-possession and to exercise authentic freedom.

The Catholic vision of love is rooted in the Scriptures. It has been taught in the Church through the centuries and faithfully presented for our time in the documents of the Second Vatican Council and in other recent Church documents. Christ continues to teach in the family of faith, and His teaching is true and liberating. Through this teaching He defends indispensable human goods that serve both human happiness and the dignity of the person.


Contact the Department for Religious Education to learn more about implementing the Catholic Vision of Love as a lifestyle at your parish, school, and religious education program!

Resources for Parents are now available!

The following materials have been reviewed by the Department for Religious Education and deemed appropriate for usage for parent and adult education to be used specifically for the Catholic Vision of Love Parent Meetings.  Catechetical Leaders may choose to use these materials to educate staff and catechists.  Please use the enclosed order form and reference numbers to supply parents and staff members with appropriate materials.

Click on this link to view Parent Resources.  These materials are not intended for distribution among youth in our Catholic Vision of Love classes.

Required reading for Immediate Certification

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  5. To read "The Science behind Pornography-'Purity is Possible,'" click here.
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Judy Kirk, Director, Department for Religious Education