Catholic Schools

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Building an Environment of Faith 

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh offer our students a superb opportunity for intellectual growth in an environment of faith.  From my personal experience as a student in Catholic schools in our diocese, I know their inestimable value.  Our schools are special places that work to form the whole person: mind, heart, body and soul.  The responsibility for the faith education of our children and youth is a mission that must be shared by the whole Church.

This is why we make such great sacrifices in order to support our Catholic schools and make Catholic education affordable and accessible to as many of our families as possible.  On his visit to the United States April 2008, Pope Benedict XVI commended the work of our Catholic schools and underscored their vital importance for the Church and for our nation.  Catholic education helps each student to achieve the highest potential as a child of God, equipping each one with the knowledge and faith to be faithful disciples and good citizens.  Studies continue to underscore how Catholic school graduates contribute to the ongoing mission of the Church and help to create a society that reflects the values of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.  The Church and our world are made richer by the fruits of Catholic education.

Most Reverend David A. Zubik, M.S.Ed., D.D.
Bishop of Pittsburgh