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Kenneth A. White, Director
Danette M. Alderson, Secretary
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Archives & Records Center:

1050 Logue St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone: (412) 456-3158
Fax: (412) 444-4417

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Important Update, 8/21/2017

The archives now has a new mailing address.  Mail can be sent to us at 1050 Logue St., PIttsburgh, PA 15220.  We have again begun doing genealogical research.  If you have been holding off sending in a request form, you can now send it in.  However, you can expect a longer than usual delay in our response as we deal with the backlog of requests that built up during the two and a half months we shut down due to the move.


Important Update, 6/8/2017

The Archives move has begun.  Until we are settled in our new facility, we are halting genealogical research.  If you have already sent in a research request form, we will hold them until we can begin conducting research again.  We will begin research again as soon as possible, but it will probably not be before late July.  When we are ready to begin research again, we will post it on this web page.

If you have not yet sent in a request, please hold it until we have a new mailing address.  We will post that information as soon as we get it. 

Important Update for Genealogists, 2/7/2014

In the past, we have had individuals ask for copies of the records we find for them.  Because of the fragile condition of most of our volumes, we have refused to make photocopies of the entries.  In the last few years we have begun to microfilm our sacramental records for security purposes.  In February of 2014, the Archives & Records Center purchased a new microfilm reader/scanner/printer.  This new machine gives us the capability to offer copies of the microfilm image of our register entries for $5.00 a copy.

If you are interested in having a copy of a register entry, please follow the following procedures:

1) Fill out and send in a research request form with a check for $15 as usual.

2) Once you get the results of our research, review them and determine if you want copies of any information we found.

3) Contact the Archives via email with a list of items you want copied.  Be sure to include the type of record (baptism, marriage, etc.), the parish and the date(s).  With this information we can determine if the record has been filmed or not.  We will then notify you whether or not the volume has been filmed.

4) If the volume has been filmed, then send us a copy of the letter we sent you with the results of our research.  Indicate which items you want copied and whether you want it as a paper hard copy or an electronic  pdf file sent by email.  Include a check for the total amount due ($5.00 per item).

Important Note:  Do not skip step #3.  Not all of our records have been filmed yet, so make sure we can provide you with a copy before you send in your order.

Also note that we cannot guarantee the quality of the image you will receive.  If the writing on the original document was badly faded, the microfilm print out may be difficult to read.  We will make every effort to provide you with the clearest copy possible, but much depends on the quality of the original image.


About the Archives and Records Center

The Archives and Records Center

The Archives was established in 1918 by the fifth Bishop of Pittsburgh, J. F. Regis Canevin.  Bishop Canevin charged the Archives with collecting and preserving those records of historical significance that document the history of the diocese and of Catholicism in Western Pennsylvania.  In 1993, that charge was again renewed with the establishment of the Archives and Records Center. 

The Archives and Records Center is located in the former St Martin Church in the West End.  This building makes a wonderful and secure place to view and store the records of the Church of Pittsburgh. 

What We Do

The purpose of the Archives and Records Center is to establish an archival and records management program for central diocesan administration, parishes, schools and all other diocesan related institutions and organizations.  We collect, maintain and preserve the records of organizations and institutions engaged in the work of the Catholic Church in the six Southwestern Pennsylvania counties (Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene, Lawrence and Washington) included in the Diocese.  We make this information available to diocesan officials, the Catholic community, historians and other researchers. 

The Archives and Records Center also assists parishes, schools and diocesan offices in managing their records.  We prepare records retention schedules and offer advice as to how offices can better control and manage their records. 

 We operate an outreach program to make the larger community of Southwestern Pennsylvania aware of the rich historical heritage of the Church of Pittsburgh.  This is done through talks to groups, exhibits and other programs.

Hours of Operation

The Archives and Records Center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The Center is closed on national holidays and Holy Days.

Who Can Use the Archives

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Church of Pittsburgh and Catholicism in Western Pennsylvania can use the Archives and Records Center's research room.  Upon entering the Archives, researchers are asked to familiarize themselves with the access policy and the research room and fee policies.  Finding guides have been prepared to help researchers locate the records they need.  We encourage researchers to make an appointment before visiting us. 

 A major exception to this rule is the sacramental records.  Sacramental records are not open to public inspection.  The Archives and Records Center staff will do genealogical research on request for a fee.  Individuals interested in genealogical research should request a research request form by writing or calling the Archives and Records Center. 

Photocopying Fees

Duplication services for records other than sacramental records are available for a charge of $.15 per copy.  Due to their fragile condition we will not photocopy our sacramental records.  Copies of photographs are available for a fee of $25.00 for 5 x 7 prints and $30.00 for 8 x 10 prints.  United States copyright laws apply to all duplicated materials. 


The Archives and Records Center encourages donations of personal papers, books, administrative files, correspondence, photographs, videotapes and other documentary material from Catholics throughout Western Pennsylvania.  We are interested in anything that documents the history and the work of the Catholic Church or the life or experience of Catholics in the area. 

 Prospective donors should contact the Archives and Records Center regarding the material to be donated.  Donors will be presented with a form which describes the gift and outlines the donor's waiver of ownership and restrictions on use. 

 Diocesan offices, parishes and institutions need to consult their records retention schedule to determine what records are slated for transfer to the Archives.  Once the determination has been made as to the disposition of the records, the office should complete a Records Transfer Form.  (If an office does not have this form, contact the Archives and Records Center to receive one.)  After we receive the form, we will make arrangements to have the records picked up. 

 If an office does not have a records retention schedule, they should contact the Director of the Archives and Records Center to have one developed for them.  If an office without a schedule believes that their records should be transferred to the Archives, they should contact us.  We will accept some records on a case by case basis.

Where We Are Located

The Archives and Records Center is located at 1050 Logue St., Pittsburgh, PA 15220 in the former Guardian Angels Parish complex.