Catechetical Curriculum Guidelines

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Dear Friends in Catechetical Ministry:

I am happy to present to you a copy of the revised Catechetical Curriculum Guidelines for Parish Religious Education Programs - Preschool through Eighth grade. The guidelines have been edited in a user friendly format with each objective referenced to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Compendium and the United StatesCatholic Catechism for Adults. Beneath each objective are the student response/experiences marked by a symbol denoting the six tasks of catechesis as recommended in the National Directory for Catechesis. References to scripture, the vocabulary to be taught, and a date completed section have also been added for easy catechist use.

I am grateful to all of the committee members for the time and effort they contributed to bring this project to completion. I am especially grateful to Mrs. Sharon Hachman for her expertise and assistance with this project. These revised guidelines will become effective in Fall, 2008. Shortly the Department will begin a process of introducing and reviewing these revised guidelines with you as the catechetical leaders in each deanery. You, in your leadership role, in turn, will be asked to review the guidelines with the volunteer catechists in your respective parishes. We will forward more information to you in this regard in the near future.

Thank you for all that you continue to do to proclaim the teaching of Christ and His Church through the ministry of catechesis.


Judy Kirk

Director for Religious Education

Please make use of the following guidelines.

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