Statement on gun control from Bishop David A. Zubik

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Posted: Fri., June 24, 2016

Jesus is weeping, from the blood-stained floor of a gay night club in Orlando, to the bodies carried from a South Carolina Bible study, to the murder of family members in their own back yard in Wilkinsburg, we have all witnessed the horror of gun violence.

Jesus is weeping with us and for us.

It is time for us as a nation to require at least as much from those purchasing guns as we expect from those making application for a driver’s license. Public safety must always come first.

I urge our legislators to make it far more difficult for criminals, terrorists and those with dangerously impaired moral reasoning to make their point with a gun. It is important that our government require background checks for all gun purchases, limit civilian access to high-capacity weapons and ammunition magazines, make gun trafficking a federal crime, and ensure that those on “no-fly” lists cannot buy guns.

I also urge our legislators to improve access to mental health care for those who may be prone to violence.

No law has ever eliminated the crime it addresses. But laws limit damage, enable the prosecution of perpetrators and make a statement about the values of our society.

Please join with me in prayer that we as a nation will seek to build a society in which the right to life is the standard against which all other rights are measured.