Lay Ministries Handbook

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While reading or using any one or more of these profiles, it is most important to remember that:

  • The profiles are intended as helpful frames of reference when considering the possible components of an actual job description. A profile is not the same as a job description of a pastoral minister.
  • It should be kept in mind that parishes differ. As such, not all that is written in any one profile can possibly apply to any one “real” person.
  • Each of these profiles omits those qualities, competencies and formational prerequisites common to all pastoral ministers.
  • These profiles are intended to be suggestive of the future direction in which many parishes are moving. These are not intended to be normative or directive. Repeatedly emphasized are the “ideals” that parishes are striving to achieve.
  • As is stated in this handbook, it is presumed that in many parishes, the job description of a single parish staff member may well include components of two or more of these profiles. Also, components of two or more of these profiles can be combined to constitute the job description for someone who ministers at a cluster level and is responsible for the same area of ministry in two or more parishes.
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