World Mission Rosary

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Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, the national director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith from 1950 to 1966, inaugurated a World Mission Rosary in a radio address called The Catholic Hour in February, 1951 saying, “We must pray, and not for ourselves, but for the world.  To this end, I have designed the World Mission Rosary. Each of the five decades is of a different color to represent the continents.”

Praying this rosary, Archbishop Sheen said, would “aid the Holy Father and his Society for the Propagation of the Faith by supplying him with practical support, as well as prayers, for the poor mission territories of the world.” 

839 Each decade of that World Mission Rosary calls to mind an area where the Church continues her evangelizing mission: green for the forests and grasslands of Africa; blue for the ocean surrounding the islands of the Pacific; white symbolizing Europe, the seat of the Holy Father, shepherd of the world; red calling to mind the fire of faith that brought missionaries to the Americas and yellow, the morning light of the East, for ASIA.


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