Missionary Cooperation Plan

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Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP)


What is MCP?

            The Missionary Cooperation Plan of the U.S. Catholic Church, referred to as MCP, was started in the late 1930’s and is conducted in Dioceses across the U.S.  It is a way of centralizing the efforts of missionary organizations from around the world who wish to appeal to Catholics in the United States. 

The purpose of the MCP is two-fold.  First, the many men’s and women’s mission congregations, lay organizations and mission dioceses get a change to personally appeal for prayer and financial support from Catholics of the U.S.  Secondly, we Catholics get the opportunity to be educated about what is happening in the mission field today.  There are many new strides in mission.  We emphasize solidarity and understanding of situations that make life so difficult for so many people.   

            Each parish within the Diocese of Pittsburgh is annually assigned a missionary group.  The Missions Office receives several hundred applications annually for approximately 70 groups which are accepted to speak in about 185 parishes.  Appeals are made anytime from June through the end of September.       

            The plan gives parishioners an opportunity to learn about missions at home and abroad and an opportunity to financially assist the mission organizations in their efforts to spread the Gospel.  Please extend a warm welcome to the missionaries as they share their faith stories in your parish.



For Missionary Organizations Applying for MCP

            Thank you for your interest in applying for the Diocese of Pittsburgh Missionary Cooperation Plan.  The role of missionary speakers in the Diocese is very important to educate parishioners concerning mission endeavors of our Universal Church.

The Application cycle for MCP for 2017 is now closed.  Applications for MCP 2018 are available by clicking here.