Historical Records Collection

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Guide to the Records Holdings

The Guide to the Record Groups of the Archives and Records Center briefly summarizes the records holdings in the Archives. This guide gives a brief description of the records in the Archives by record group. This guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the other, more detailed, finding guides developed by the Archives: Guide to the John C. Keenan Photographic Collection, Guide to the General Photographic Collection and Guide to the Holdings in the Archives and Records Center. Researchers should first consult this guide to determine if the Archives has records of the office or organization in which he or she is interested. If the researcher finds a listing for that office, then he or she can turn to the other guides for a more detailed description of the records available.

The guide is organized by record group, which primarily follows the diocese's organizational structure. Some offices are listed under more than one record group, due to periodic reorganizations which have resulted in changes to the secretariats. In those cases, there is a cross reference included at the end of the description referring to the other record group in which records of that office can be found. An asterisk at the end of a record group or subgroup name indicates that some or all of the records of that group or subgroup have restricted access. Researchers interested in these records should contact the Archives staff to determine which records have restrictions and what those restrictions are.

Record Groups

Record Group 01 Diocesan Bishops
Record Group 02 Auxiliary Bishops
Record Group 03 General Secretary
Record Group 04 Office for the Associate General Secretary
Record Group 05 Secretariat for Education
Record Group 06 Secretariat for Ministerial Leadership
Record Group 07 Secretariat for Pastoral and Social Concerns
Record Group 09 Priest Council
Record Group 10 College of Consultors
Record Group 12 Pastoral Council
Record Group 13 Parishes
Record Group 14 Schools
Record Group 15 Religious Communities - Men
Record Group 16 Religious Communities - Women
Record Group 17 Not for Profit Corporations
Record Group 18 Hospitals/Health Care Services
Record Group 20 Lay Organizations
Record Group 21 Diocesan Synods
Record Group 22 Miscellaneous
Record Group 23 Photographs

RECORD GROUP: 01 Diocesan Bishops

SUBGROUP: 001 General Information
DESCRIPTION: General information consists of basic Biographical Information and other documents about the Bishops of Pittsburgh that are open to the public. Information in this category includes biographic records, some correspondence, Pastoral Letters, Installation and Ordination Information, Newspaper Articles, and Photographs. In addition to these general files, additional records of the bishops are listed separately below.

SUBGROUP: 002 Bishop Michael O'Connor
DESCRIPTION: Records (1841-1859) consisting of Decree of Erection of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and correspondence. Journal & Account Book (1841-1846) consists of a fragmentary diary, receipt book and record of accounts.

SUBGROUP: 003 Bishop Michael Domenec
DESCRIPTION: Division of the Diocese of Pittsburgh (1864-1877) contains papal bulls establishing the Diocese of Allegheny, Domenec's resignation as Bishop of Allegheny, correspondence.

SUBGROUP: 004 Bishop John Tuigg
DESCRIPTION: Papers (1845-1889) contains a papal bull reuniting the Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, a letter book consisting of copies of letters written by Bishop Tuigg, correspondence, accounts of the Tuigg vs. Hickey lawsuit. Bishop Michael Domenec Record of Estate (1878) is a record of the possessions of Bishop Domenec at the time of his death that were included in his estate.

SUBGROUP: 005 Bishop Richard Phelan
DESCRIPTION: Ursuline Sisters Correspondence (1876-1891) relating to the Ursuline Sisters controversy. Correspondence (1883-1903). Personal (1849-1904) consists of testimonials, material from his home diocese in Ireland. Miscellaneous (1887-1902) contains survey of mixed marriages, Bishop Tuigg's funeral bill.

SUBGROUP: 006 Bishop J.F. Regis Canevin
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Files (1860-1927) consisting mostly of memoranda and correspondence relating to the administration of the diocese. Papers (1805-1926) made up mostly of correspondence and pastoral letters. Writings (1891-1923) include sermons, pamphlets and articles. History of the Diocese (1860-1918) consists mainly of newspaper clippings but does include a written history of the early years of the diocese prepared by Bishop O'Connor.

SUBGROUP: 007 Bishop Hugh C. Boyle
DESCRIPTION: Records include a small quantity of Bishop Boyle's Personal Papers (1900-1989) which include family correspondence and sermons the bishop delivered; Diaries (1898-1942), which are fragmentary; Administrative Files (1921-1950) which consist mainly of memoranda and correspondence relating to the administration of the diocese; files relating to the National Legion of Decency (1934-1938) which is mostly correspondence about the motion picture industry; Notebooks (1892-1943) containing a record of the bishop's activities during this time period (also fragmentary); Archbishop J.F. Regis Canevin Matter (1927-1929) comprising Canevin's will, Canevin estate correspondence, tomb and monument blueprints; National Catholic Welfare Conference (1931-1939) mostly concerns the Catholic news service; and James A. Smith Correspondence (1910-1950) a set of correspondence between Bishop Boyle and James A. Smith, a noted lecturer on the Catholic Faith.

SUBGROUP: 008 Bishop John Dearden*
DESCRIPTION: Records include Administrative Files (1950-1959) consisting mainly of memoranda and correspondence relating to the administration of the diocese, including a Report of the Survey of the Catholic Children's Institutions of the Diocese of Pittsburgh (1953) a report on the work and function of 7 institutions for children in the diocese: St. Paul Orphanage, Home of the Good Shepherd, Roselia Foundling Home and Hospital, St. Joseph Protectory, Holy Family Institute, Eudes Institute and Toner Institute. Includes information on the physical plant, operations, staffing, activities and recommendations. Files related to the National Organization for Decent Literature (1934-1938).

SUBGROUP: 009 Bishop John Wright*
DESCRIPTION: The records of Bishop John J. Wright include Administrative Files (1959-1969) Personal Correspondence (1959-1969), Administrative Correspondence (1959-1969), Tickler Files (1969-1979), Appointment Books (1969-1976), Miscellaneous Papers (1953-1969) consisting mostly of personal papers, Scrapbooks (1947-1976), Audio Tapes, Motion Picture Film, Books, Phonographs (1959-1974) of radio and TV shows and talks given by the Bishop. Photo Album Papers (1948-1976) consist of papers originally contained with photograph albums.

SUBGROUP: 010 Bishop Vincent M. Leonard*
DESCRIPTION: The papers of Bishop Vincent M. Leonard include Sermons consisting of mostly undated handwritten and typed sermons he has given. Other records include Christmas and Easter Messages, (1971-1983), Speeches (undated), typewritten and handwritten invocations and short prayers and paraphrases or paragraphs from religious tracts and books. Appointment Book (1966), Correspondence, (1975-1983), Circular Letters, (1971-1991) and Awards (1952-1985) Bishop Leonard received. Essays (1976-1987) on legal issues faced by the Catholic Church and Miscellaneous Personal Items (1927-1992) include a passport, trip diary, prayer cards, baptism certificate, invitations to his installation as Bishop of Pittsburgh and his coat-of-arms.

SUBGROUP: 011 Bishop Anthony J. Bevilacqua*
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Files, (1983-1988) consisting primarily of memoranda and correspondence relating to the administration of the diocese.

SUBGROUP: 012 Bishop Donald W. Wuerl*
DESCRIPTION: Records include Pastoral Letters (1988-1992).

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RECORD GROUP: 02 Auxiliary Bishops

SUBGROUP: 001 General Information
DESCRIPTION: The Records of the Auxiliary Bishops 1935-1997) contain general Biographical Information about the Auxiliary Bishops past and present of the diocese. Included in the files are newspaper clippings and material from their ordinations. The Archives also has Photographs of the bishops.

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RECORD GROUP: 03 General Secretary*

DESCRIPTION: The records of the General Secretary include Administrative Files (1905-1997) which include correspondence, memoranda, reports and meeting minutes. Quinquennial Reports (1983-1992) submitted to the Vatican every five years which contain an overview of diocesan activities, description of the diocese, population statistics, organizations and institutions operating in the diocese. Minutes (1988-1996) consisting of the minutes of the Administrative Board, Diocesan Consultors and the Secretariat Board. Hospital Files (1847-1995) consists of correspondence and minutes. Schools Files (1910-1996) consists of correspondence, minutes and building correspondence. Social Institutions Files (1898-1997) consists of correspondence and minutes. Ordained Priests (1951-1996) lists men ordained to the priesthood and diaconate including ages, dates and schools attended.

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RECORD GROUP: 04 Office for the Associate General Secretary

SUBGROUP: 001 Office for the Chancellor*
DESCRIPTION: The files include Administrative Files (1860-1999) consisting of correspondence, ecclesiastical student lists and scholarships, faculties granted, minutes, censuses of areas, parish committee election results and correspondence from Monsignor Montini the future Pope Paul VI. Quinquennial Reports (1905-1982) a report to the Vatican on diocesan activities. Health Care Files (1904-1991) consists of correspondence, minutes, brochures from various diocesan hospitals and health care institutions. Financial Files (1844-1989) including Account Books, Cash Books, Cemetery Annual Financial Reports, Diocesan Annual Financial Reports, Journals, Ledgers, Parish Financial Reports, School Financial Reports, Seminary Accounts. Statistics (1877-1995) gives information on parish attendance and activities. Testimonial Letters (1913-1956) contains letters testifying to the character of young men seeking to enter seminaries. Parish Inventories (1892, 1903) of both the parish's and clergy's personal items for individual parishes in the diocese. Appraisals (1964-1970) on a piece of property willed to the diocese and high schools. Pennsylvania Catholic Welfare Committee (1960-1967) consists of correspondence, memoranda, brochures, minutes, and reports. Clergy Personnel Files (1843-1900) involves lists of priests, permissions for priests, letters of introduction. Papal Honors (1949-1991) is made up of appointments to various honors. Wills Reports and Bequests (1919-1943). Diocesan Council Minutes (1881-1939). Diocesan Library Catalog (1884-1894) lists the holdings of the library which was housed in the Chancery. Legal (1877-1882) consists of lawsuits involving the diocese. Education Campaign Fund (1924-1973). St. Anthony Chapel Authentics for Relics is made up of documents authenticating the relics of saints in St. Anthony Chapel in Troy Hill. Journal of the Diocese of Pittsburgh (1891-1913) documents activities, priests' deaths, and ecclesiastical students in the diocese. Canon Law Seminar (1980-1985) includes manuscripts, minutes, a schedule of events, tape recordings, and nine Beta videotapes of the sessions. Marriage Dispensation Register (1882-1921). Records of Deeds (n.d.) list deeds of church properties spanning 1834-1903. Tridentine Mass Files (1973, 1986-1992) consist of correspondence between officials in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, officials in the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, and supporters of the traditional Latin Mass.

SUBGROUP: 01A Archives and Records Center
DESCRIPTION: Records consist of Administrative Files (1993-1999) which consist of memoranda and correspondence. Records Advisory Committee (RAC) Minutes (1995-1996, 1998-1999) which documents the committee's advice to the Archives & Records Center on various policies and procedures. Records Disposition Forms (1994-1999) document when and what records from the Archives & Records Center, parishes, and offices within the Diocese are or have been destroyed. Donor Forms (1993-2001) in which individuals who donate material to the Archives grant us all rights to the donation. Accession Logs (1973-2001) record receipt of materials into the Archives. Scrapbooks (1900-1996) consist of newspaper clippings recording the diocese's history. Newspapers (1844-1996) consist of the first Pittsburgh Catholic and articles from that paper and others about the history of the diocese. Annual Reports (1994-1998).

SUBGROUP: 02B Office for Financial Services*
DESCRIPTION: The documents consist of Administrative Files (1933-1978) which consist of minutes, correspondence, financial statements; Plant Fund Files (1931-1978) in which properties maintained, bought and sold by the diocese are documented, also includes blueprints and topographical maps; Parish Annual Financial Reports (1989-1990) and School Annual Financial Reports (1989-1990), which include bank account balance, inventory of securities, debt, and deposits with Catholic Institute of Pittsburgh for each school and parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

SUBGROUP: 02C Office for Information Technology
DESCRIPTION: Computer Systems Development Files (1985-1990) relate to the conception of the Office for Data Automation, the study of the Diocese's computer needs, and the implementation of a new diocesan-wide computer system. The researcher will find newsletters, studies done by Arthur Young and J.D. Edwards computer consulting companies, memoranda, minutes of the computer steering committee, price lists, computer system promotional and informational materials, correspondence, reports.

SUBGROUP: 02D Office for Insurance Benefits*
DESCRIPTION: Insurance Appraisals (1939-1976) on all diocesan property both on paper and microfilm, list each parish or diocesan institution, gives a description of the property including land and buildings and their appraised value. Pension Records (1965-1991) are records of all diocesan employees currently receiving a pension. Includes information on the employee and the amount of pension received.

SUBGROUP: 02G Office for Property Planning and Development
DESCRIPTION: Diocesan Building Commission Minutes (1905-1955).

SUBGROUP: 03 Department for Communications
DESCRIPTION: Consists of monthly Bulletins (1969-1971) which provide information on the various offices and departments in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Memoranda (1969-1970) contains information on the establishment of and requisites for the Bulletins; and a collection of Scrapbooks (1976-1980) from various newspapers from around the diocese; News Releases (1988-2000) with notices and discussions of upcoming conferences, special Masses, and meetings to biographies of newly-hired directors of offices, spotlights on notable priests and individuals, and general news of interest from around the diocese. Radio Programs (1957-1961) focus on the St. Patrick Church Radio Program on WJAS. Television Programs (1958-1959, 1976-1980) includes scripts, a manual and newspaper clippings. Bishop's Files (1959-1979) include press releases, speeches and articles about Bishops Wright and Leonard. Press Clippings (1983, 1986-1998) from various local newspapers and St. Michael Church, Elizabeth, files (1985-1989) which relate to the controversy of the building of a new church in the parish.

SUBGROUP: 04B Office for Civil Legal Services
DESCRIPTION: Files of the Legal Office consist of Correspondence (1916-1979) and memoranda, information on the sale and purchase of Property (1855-1966), by-laws, meeting minutes and charter of the Catholic Institute (1922-1979), agreements, Deeds (1910-1950), records of Lawsuit Files (1901-1998) involving the diocese, memoranda and correspondence related to the Ozanam Cultural Center (1961-1983), and correspondence and architectural files related to Epiphany Parish (1848-1921).

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SUBGROUP: 000 Secretary for Education*
DESCRIPTION: Files include Administrative Files (1988-1998), consisting of correspondence, minutes, and reports. School Closings (1985-1990) pertain to the closures and mergers of certain schools. Information in this series consists of memos, correspondence, statistics, and studies. Deanery School Reorganization (1987-1991) includes correspondence, reports, planning committee meetings which pertain to the schools within certain deaneries. School Reorganization (1990-1992), St. Anthony School (1986-1994) consists of board meetings and minutes, resumes, correspondence, and budgets. DePaul Institute (1987-1997) made up of correspondence, notes, meeting minutes. Parish Visitations (1989-1991) concerns religious education programs in the diocese. Minutes (1990-1998) of Secretariat Staff Meetings. Budget Files (1991-1999). Special Studies/Task Forces Files (1988-1995) includes meeting minutes, correspondence and reports on the schools reorganization and the development of a human sexuality education course. On-Going Programs Files (1989-1998) contains meeting minutes, correspondence, surveys, brochures and reports on the Schools Marketing Committee, Catholic Schools Week, For Kids' Sake program, Carlow College, Bishop Education Fund, North Side Friends & Neighbors Gala Event. Pennsylvania Catholic Conference Files (1990-1998) includes minutes, correspondence and information on legislation affecting schools. St. Mary Assumption School Letters (1998) written by students about memories of the school. Schools Files (1983-1997) include correspondence between Secretary and the diocese's schools, informational copies of plans and reports and disputes appealed to the Secretary for mediation. Total Catholic Education Conference Files (1994-1995) include planning documents, meeting minutes, correspondence and programs. Departmental Files (1990-1997) are files relating to the interaction between the Secretary and the departments and offices within the Secretariat consisting of memoranda and correspondence, copies of staff meeting minutes, reports, policy documents and any other items the departments wished to bring to the attention of the Secretary. Teaching of Christ Television Show (1994-1999) consists of program ideas, schedules, transcripts of the show. Exploring the Teaching of Christ (1993, 1996) includes guidebooks and videocassettes to help understand better the teachings of the Catholic Church.

SUBGROUP: 001 Department for Catholic Schools
DESCRIPTION: Files consist of Annual Reports (1905-1966) which list members of the school board, districts, teaching communities, total enrollment, statistics, and textbooks. The School Directory (1942-1995) lists school board, teaching communities, elementary and secondary schools' addresses and enrollment by district. The Handbooks (1948-1990) contain school policies and practices, guidelines for Parent-Teacher Guilds, and for elementary school principals. The Elementary and Secondary Course of Study (1949) is made up of handbooks, which comprise the classes for a year of school; there are separate handbooks for elementary school and high school. High School Appraisals (1964-1981) lists all the property in each high school and its appraised value for insurance purposes. Closed School Files (1949-1996) contains correspondence, school reports, brochures or other information about the school, school board minutes, requests to close or reorganize the school and a plan of action for closing the school. Elementary School Files (1987-1996) contain correspondence, school board minutes and information regarding the creation of merged schools. Secondary School Files (1988-1991) contain correspondence, school board minutes and information regarding the creation of merged schools. Releases to Pastors and Principals (1958-1996) consist of informational mailing from the Schools Office to pastors and principals. Material in the releases can include information on routine administrative matters or information on policy and procedures. School Bulletins (1939-1996) are departmental newsletters sent to the schools with information concerning departmental and educational issues and activities. School Directory (1942-1995) lists school board, teaching communities, elementary and secondary schools' addresses and enrollment by district. Catholic Schools Community Newsletter (1989-1994) series discusses changes and events around the diocese, national versus the Pittsburgh Diocese student testing scores, congratulations to various individuals, etc. Pennsylvania Citizen Bee Competition (1993-1994) series is made up of two programs which include the names of those competing, their school, judges, etc., and short publicity notices. Initial and Final Reports (1962-1996) consists of statistical reports from each school on student enrollment. A report is completed at the beginning and end of each year. Statistical Reports (1908, 1949-1996) contain annual enrollment statistics broken down by date, school, grade, sex and race. The Government/Organization/University Files (1965-1996) consist of issues such as lead in drinking water, radon testing, television in the classrooms, employment for youth. Verifying the Vision (1988) consist of reports on elementary schools' programs. The Department for Special Education (1960-1983) consists of correspondence to and from the Superintendent for Catholic Schools, financial and annual reports of the department, guidelines, teachers' minutes and files on children and teachers. The Institute for Adult Education (1951-1974) consists of brochures and two bulletins.

SUBGROUP: 01E Office for Secondary Educational Consultants
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Files (1973-1995) include minutes, reports, classroom observations, accountability reports, policies, newsletters from the Federation of Pittsburgh Diocesan Teachers union, correspondence, outlines of the consultant's duties, information on the High School Leadership Forum. Religious Curriculum Guidelines (1975-1993) consists of course requirements, objectives and outlines of courses to be covered, qualifications for catechists as part of the religious education component of secondary schools, minutes of the Curriculum Committee. High School Religion Survey Results (1986-1991) consist of test reports, averages, comparisons between the different high schools, results of the tests from examinations between freshman and seniors. Secondary School Files (1971-1995) materials contained in this series consist of minutes, reports of visits, recommendations for and summaries of the religious education component of the school's curriculum, newspaper articles, curricula, mission statements. Some of these schools have been closed. Butler/Lawrence Deanery Reports (1986-1996) consists of self-studies and reports to the Middle States Association. South Hills Deanery Reports (1987-1996) consists of self-studies and reports to the Middle States Association.

SUBGROUP: 002 Department for Religious Education
DESCRIPTION: The files include Administrative Files (1907-1997) which contains office correspondence and memoranda; textbook evaluation worksheets and policy statements, and manuals; youth outreach and ministry material; special projects correspondence and overviews; released time correspondence and guidelines; reorganization proposals; Parish Ministry Conferences brochures, news clippings, correspondence, planning minutes, financial and budget materials, and evaluations. Parish Statistical Reports (1970-1987) contains statistical reports by parish and deanery. CCD Institute Files and Syllabi (1970-1995) contains correspondence, budgets, program descriptions and reports, degree lists, application forms, evaluations, a history of the Religious Education/CCD Institute, brochures, and syllabi. Continuing Christian Development Programs (1963-1994) contains program descriptions and schedules. Farina Fund Scholarship Files (1984-1994) contains committee minutes, lists of recipients, and a description of the scholarship. CCD History Audio-Visual Presentation (1985) is a slide presentation, accompanied by an audio soundtrack in two formats, of the history of the CCD in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Publications (1960-1996) contains News & Notes, the CCD monthly newsletter; CCD Quarterly, the CCD quarterly newsletter; CCD Notes, a supplement to the CCD Quarterly; and WPSD Catholic Religious Education Newsletter. Scrapbooks (1959-1996) contains CCD scrapbooks, made up of newspaper clippings pertaining to CCD operations; and Teaching as Jesus Did scrapbooks, made up of "Teaching as Jesus Did" column newspaper clippings. MCCD Mission Reports (1920-1963) consists of monthly statistical breakdowns of MCCD activities by center. MCCD Ledgers (1949-1971). MCCD Minutes (1909-1958).

SUBGROUP: 02B Office for Catechesis
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Statistical Report of Parish Catechetical Programs (1986-1998). These parish reports include the number of children in the CCD program by age; the names, training and experience of the CCD teachers; the names of the administrative staff; and questions about the parish program concerning RCIA, sacramental preparation classes and the number of children in special education programs. Along with the individual reports, the office prepared statistical recaps of the reports which tallies the report numbers by deanery. Administrative Files (1972-2000) contain memoranda, correspondence, reports, and other forms and documents created or received as part of the administration of the Office of Catechesis. This includes records regarding Bishop's Educational Fund Grants. Secondary School Files (1989-1999) contain information that gives a picture of how the school religion departments functioned.

SUBGROUP: 02C Office for Catechetical Ministries
DESCRIPTION: History of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (1935-1985) consists of a twenty-fifth anniversary book, a published book CCD: An Expression of Ministry, and notes and a rough draft of a paper or book on the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.

SUBGROUP: 02D Office for Family Life & Catechesis
DESCRIPTION: Consists of Administrative Files (1977-1998) containing correspondences, memoranda, reports, pamphlets. Annual Event Files (1982-1998) relate to annual events in which the office organizes such as the Golden Wedding Mass and Easter Blessing of Families. Information in the files includes planning documents, schedule of events, program booklets and copies of news articles about the event. Conference Files (1982-1997) relate to conferences organized and run by the Office. The files consist of meeting minutes, planning documents, conference schedules, program booklets and copies of newspaper articles. Family Life Renewal Teams Programs Files (1985-1998) containing meeting minutes, training material, a record of training sessions held, planning documents and a study of family needs. Engaged Encounter Program Files (1982-1994) consist primarily of correspondence and a newsletter put out by the local volunteers describing local activities. Natural Family Planning Advisory Committee Files (1988-1999) contain Natural Family Planning course outline, correspondence, meeting minutes, status reports and membership information. Correspondence (1959-1979) consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Publications (1972-1978) contains promotional materials and a report. Scrapbook (1967-1974) contains newspaper clippings.

SUBGROUP: 02E Gilmary Diocesan Center
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Reports (1980-1992, 1995) which are comprised of statistics and lists of groups using the center and Meeting Minutes (1986-1998) which are from the Catholic Youth Ministry, Office for Youth Ministry, and Gilmary Diocesan Center documenting planning of activities for youth and the new center. Evaluation Results (1990-1992) documents the feedback from the various groups using the center. Correspondence (1990-1996, 2000. Retreat Information (1990-1991) consists of documents relating to various events held on the center grounds.

SUBGROUP: 003 Department for Youth and Young Adult Ministry
DESCRIPTION: The records include Administrative Files (1995) consist of a Youth Worker Training Program. Athletic Program Files (1971-1996) containing lists of parishes and schools participating and program rules and guidelines. Newsletters (1985-1989). Scouting Program Files (1963-1997) contain information on the annual Scout Camporee, Bishop's Recognition Dinner and Scout Convocation. Special Event and Program Files (1988-1998) relate to youth ministry events and programs such as the Summer Youth Rally, Youth Speak Out and World Youth Day. Information in the files includes a schedule of events, list of parishes/organizations attending and participant guidelines. Camp Fatima (1954-1963) contains miscellaneous materials including a pennant, newspapers, and informational brochures. Retreat Files (1996-1997) list events and those attending.

SUBGROUP: 005 Department for Persons with Disabilities
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Files (1961-1999) including correspondence, memoranda, staff meeting minutes, conference and seminar planning sessions. Newsletters 1974-1994 consist of upcoming events, news, congratulatory messages, and president reports, among other things. Programs & Events (1984-1993) consist of seminars and workshops held, retreats and socials for parents and/or the students, brochures and flyers, and religious programs. Psychological Tests (1953-1983). Programs & Events (1962-1993) consists of seminars and workshops held, retreats and socials for parents and/or the students, brochures and flyers, summer school and religious programs. Scrapbook (1976-1981).

SUBGROUP: 006 Office for Budget & Planning
DESCRIPTION: Consists of Bishop Education Fund (1996-1998 consisting of summaries of amounts given, policies and procedures. Elementary School Grant Program (1988-1999) includes grant totals, publicity, proposed and actual distribution of grants. Secondary School Files (1995-1996, 1998-1999) includes budgets and enrollment projections.

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RECORD GROUP: 06 Secretariat for Ministerial Leadership

SUBGROUP: 001 Department for Clergy Personnel*
DESCRIPTION: Consists of the files of individual deceased clergy of the Diocese which includes basic biographical information, correspondence, letters of recommendation, seminary grades, parish assignments, prayer cards, and newspaper clippings. Clergy Benefit Plan Ledger (1955-1974) is a record of payments into and out of the clergy benefit plan.

SUBGROUP: 01B Office for the Diaconate
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Files (1968-1993) consist of minutes, reports, correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper articles, memoranda, newsletters. Bishops' Committee on the Permanent Diaconate (1968-1976) deals with correspondence, minutes, reports, studies, memoranda documenting the establishment of the Permanent Diaconate throughout the United States and Canada. This was the organization put together by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops to study the feasibility and implement the diaconate on a national level.

SUBGROUP: 003 Institute for Ministries
DESCRIPTION: The file consists of the Lay Ministries Handbook (1994) for Parishes and Institutions which gives guidelines for the recruitment, screening, hiring/accepting and management of the laity in lay ministries. Certification pamphlets (2001) document certification process for parish business managers and pastoral associates.

SUBGROUP: 004 Department for Consecrated Life*
DESCRIPTION: The files consist of Administrative Files (1893-1996) which contain information dealing with diocese activities and communication that effect other religious congregations. Individual Sister Files (1944-1992) containing records of correspondence and memoranda related to diocesan dealings with specific individuals. Religious Communities (1816-1995) collection consists primary of memoranda and correspondence, election reports, admissions of Sisters to the community, reports on canonical visitations and copies of the communities' constitutions and rules. Secularization (1891-1992) records contain information on Sisters who have left the community. Transfers (1930-1977) series contains information related to individual Sisters who have been transferred from a religious community to another. Major Superiors Men & Women (1980-1994) consist of correspondence, minutes, memoranda, papers on the delegate's interaction with major superiors. Special Studies/Task Forces/Special Projects (1955 - 1991) deals with projects in which the Delegate for Religious is directly involved. Projects include health care for religious; the Quinn Commission, in which the bishop is encouraged to dialogue with religious communities; and Network, which was a collaboration between the Office for Research and Planning and the Office of the Vicar for Religious begun in 1973, to seek and provide information for people in decision-making positions.

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RECORD GROUP: 07 Secretariat for Pastoral and Social Concerns

SUBGROUP: 03A Office for the Community Service Liaison
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Administrative Files (1967-1994) which include memoranda, correspondence, reports and other forms and documents created or received as part of the administration of the office. Black Catholic Ministries Files (1969-1985) primarily contain information on the origins of the office. Bureau of Services for the Aging Files (1973-1990) consists primarily of correspondence but also includes job descriptions, proposals and planning documents. Information in this file is very incomplete. Campaign for Human Development Grant Applications (1972-1997) consists of grants awarded nationally to local organizations. Included in the files are general information about each year's grant program, and, for each grant awarded, the grant proposal showing how the money will be spent and the benefits accrued to the community, the evaluation forms and the grantee's report forms. Campaign for Human Development Local Share Grants (1978-1988) are grants funded by the Diocese for community development. Information in the files is similar to the Campaign for Human Development Grants. Correspondence (1971-1987) consists primarily of correspondence between the department director and his staff and the Secretariat. E. T. Williams Center Files (1969-1988) includes information on the planning that led to the establishment of the E. T. Williams Center, articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes of the Board of Managers meeting, budget files, correspondence, policies, reports and program information. Focus on Renewal Center Files (1968-1983) includes meeting minutes, newspaper articles, correspondence, planning documents, by-laws and program proposals. The files are spotty and incomplete. Fund for Aid of Neighbors in Need (1968-1990) was a local grant program designed to assist anti-poverty community groups. Information in the files is similar to the other grant program files. Human Relations Commission Files (1967-1973) was created to promote and maintain civil liberties, social justice and the general welfare of all people. Included in the files are correspondence, minutes, newspaper articles, reports and constitution. Ozanam Center Files (1970-1989) is a community center sponsored by the diocese to develop educational, cultural and recreational programs for the Hill District community. The files consist of the Board of Directors membership and meeting minutes, budget files, by-laws, correspondence, job description, copies of newsletters, proposals and reports. Project Equality Files (1967-1983) was an ecumenical project created in 1967 to eliminate job discrimination in organized religion and among religion's business suppliers. Included in the files are correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper articles, reports and copies of the buying guides. Task Force/Special Projects Files (1970-1995) are files related to special projects, studies and task forces created for a one-time purpose to meet a specific need. Included in the files are correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, reports and proposals. Bureau for Social Programs Files (1977-1992) was the precursor to the current department. Included in the files are correspondence, studies, reports, conference materials, newspaper clippings.

SUBGROUP: 03C Office for Respect Life
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Respect Life Handbooks and Packets (1973-1996) which contain Respect Life program material prepared by the National Council of Catholic Bishops. Other records include abortion related Pamphlets (1982-1997), a Respect Life Slide Presentation (1980) and miscellaneous Administrative Records (1991-1996) including job descriptions, departmental newsletter and a departmental overview.

SUBGROUP: 04A Office for Black Catholic Ministries
DESCRIPTION: The file consists of General Information (1939-1993, 1996) about and by the Office of Black Catholic Ministries such as newspaper clippings, one issue of Black Catholic Life, a program from the National Black Catholic Congress and various brochures. This subgroup also includes photographs.

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RECORD GROUP: 09 Priest Council

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: Minutes of the Clergy Council (1966-1970) and Statutes of the Presbyteral Council (1984).

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RECORD GROUP: 10 College of Consultors

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: Meeting Minutes (1939-1957).

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RECORD GROUP: 12 Pastoral Council

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: The records include Administrative Files (1965-1979) contains correspondence, constitution, office memos, reports, etc. Correspondence (1967-1970) contains incoming and outgoing memos and letters from Bishops Wright and Vincent M. Leonard, council members, and others. Meeting Transcripts (1967-1970) consists of transcripts of council meetings. Questionnaires (1968) consists of surveys completed by council members on questions pertaining to the size of the council, ability of the members, etc.

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RECORD GROUP: 13 Parishes

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information*
DESCRIPTION: The Parish General Information Files contain newspaper clippings, diocesan historical survey forms, anniversary books and other publications, and occasionally documentation on the establishment of the parish or the purchase of parish property. The Archives also has Sacramental Records older than 70 years from the parishes. The Archives have a file of Photographs from the parishes. In addition to this general information, the Archives has the following additional records from the following parishes.

SUBGROUP: 002 St. Agnes-Oakland
DESCRIPTION: Annual reports (1913-1965) consist of the number of families in the parish, number of marriages both Catholic and mixed, numbers of baptisms, deaths, souls in the parish, children in Catholic and public schools, debt, expenses, income, and balances.

SUBGROUP: 005 St. Ann-Hazelwood
DESCRIPTION: Church Bulletins (1951-1976) which document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish goings-on, Pulpit Announcements (1943-1982), Administrative Files (1932-1985 fragmentary) documenting the administration of the parish, Mass Intentions (1940-1992), Minutes (1911-1933), Account Books (1932-1975), and Liturgical Books which are in English, Hungarian, and Latin, and St. Ann's Closing (1998) contained in four videotapes documenting the closing Mass.

SUBGROUP: 022 Epiphany
DESCRIPTION: Church Bulletins (1959-1991) which document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish goings-on. Administrative Files (1903-1996 fragmentary) encompass annual reports, parish committee meeting agendas, parish and pastor celebrations, announcements, church construction contracts, blueprints and deeds for Epiphany and St. Regis Home for Girls, historical sketches of the parish, St. Regis Home for Girls constitution and by-laws, Reverend Lawrence O'Connell's Golden Jubilee, Epiphany Parish's celebrations. Parish Committee Minutes (1909-1969), Announcement Books (1932-1959), Building Committee Minutes (1901-1903), Precious Blood Society Register (1938-1943), Scrapbook (1910).

SUBGROUP: 035 Immaculate Conception-Bloomfield
DESCRIPTION: Annual Reports (1935-1976) and Bulletins (1984-1993).

SUBGROUP: 040 St. John the Baptist-Lawrenceville
DESCRIPTION: Property Deeds & Title Abstracts (1887-1924), a record of the diocesan ownership of the Church property.

SUBGROUP: 041 St. John the Evangelist-South Side
DESCRIPTION: Church Bulletins (1974-1983) which document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish goings-on. Holy Name Society Register (1950-1952).

SUBGROUP: 042 St. Josaphat-South Side
DESCRIPTION: Papal Blessing (1976) for Rev. Joseph E. Swierczynski.

SUBGROUP: 043 St. Joseph-Bloomfield
DESCRIPTION: St. Joseph's Casino Minutes (1955-1958) consists of reports from the treasurer, new applicants accepted, bids for equipment, complaints filed for using foul language, motions made and accepted for repair of damaged property, mention of basketball and softball games and tournaments, discussion and acceptance of closing the Casino owing to lack of participation.

SUBGROUP: 044 St. Joseph-Manchester
DESCRIPTION: Church Bulletins (1983-1987) which document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish goings-on, Correspondence (1883-1940 fragmentary).

SUBGROUP: 056 St. Mary Assumption-Lawrenceville
DESCRIPTION: Financial Reports (1950-1981) gives contributions made by individuals and organizations, and lists of totals. Statistical Report (1966) lists numbers of families and souls and students in Catholic, private and public schools are listed, as are the numbers of baptisms, marriages, deaths that took place in the parish for the year; an inventory of the pastor's personal effects is given, too. Lists of Grade School Graduates (1917–1967) contains the names of those who graduated from St. Mary Assumption School and in what year; included also are the Sisters who taught there and lists of students who finished different grades as of 1971. Ledger (1935–1951) contains receipts and expenditures and an inventory of the parish. Parish Inventory (1934) lists every item in each room, which include an electric refrigerator and washer. Holy Name Society Minutes (1939–1966).

SUBGROUP: 058 St. Mary of the Mount*
DESCRIPTION: Parish Family Register (1881-1922) gives the names and ages of the members of the parish. Owing to the confidential nature of the contents and fragility of the volume, this volume is unavailable for viewing.

SUBGROUP: 059 St. Matthew-South Side
DESCRIPTION: Church Bulletins (1988-1990) which document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish goings-on.

SUBGROUP: 060 Most Holy Name of Jesus-Troy Hill
DESCRIPTION: Announcement Books (1888-1914, 1939-1946) which document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish events, Pew Rent Books (1902-1919), Sunday Collection Records (1905-1923).

SUBGROUP: 061 St. Michael-South Side
DESCRIPTION: Annual Reports (1892-1953), Sketches & Charters (1848-1996), Historical Records Files (1853-1983 fragmentary) consist of an appraisal of the property, histories, correspondence, deeds, information about St. Michael's Orphan Asylum and St. Michael's Cemetery, information about the Passionists. Bulletins (1960-1964). Lithograph Reproduction of the Church, Holy Name Society Charter (1949), Trustee Minutes (1860-1871, 1923-1950), Announcement Book (1936-1939), Ledgers (1900-1968), Monthly Record (1923-1934). St. Michael's Lyceum Minutes (1937-1950) document nominations and elections of officers; reprimands of members; purchase and sale of farm; purchase of equipment and upgrading and repair of facilities.

SUBGROUP: 072 St. Patrick-Strip District
DESCRIPTION: Board of Trustees Minutes (1815-1833).

SUBGROUP: 073 St. Paul Cathedral
DESCRIPTION: The records of St. Paul's Cathedral include records of the old cathedrals (1830-1903) and the new cathedral (1906-). The old St. Paul's Cathedral records include Trustees Agreement (c1830), Yearly Reports (1832, 1838), Construction (1841-1873), Annual Reports (1891-1901), Liability Reports (1881-1893), Expenditure Reports (1876-1900), Church Committee Minutes (1891-1903), Sales Document (c1901), Parish Collections (1830-1832), Pew Rent (1839-1891), Authentics for Relics (1877), Forms for Riots (c1855), Article (1903), Miscellaneous Legal Documents (1887-1892), Bills (1886-1903), Newspaper Clippings (1855), St. Paul's Cathedral Account Books (c1870-1898), St. Paul's Orphanage Account Books (1869-1884), Miscellaneous Account Books (1850-1898), Title Deeds (1833) to the property, Catholic Institute (1843-1850) combined by-laws and minutes of a literary society, South Side Property (1873-1923) assessments and mortgages, Maps of Property (1839-1885) showing property owned by Diocese, Allegheny Diocese Property Transfer (1877) properties transferred to Bishop of Pittsburgh. The new St. Paul's Cathedral series include Construction (1899-1926), History (1846-1992), Bulletins (1931-1992), Anniversaries (1957-1981), Programs (1916-2001), Miscellaneous Correspondence (1923-1938), Cathedral Record (1895-1921), Building Fund Contribution Book (n.d.), Authentics for Relics, South Side Property (1912-1932) is a list of properties and tax statements, Miscellaneous consist of coat-of-arms, Cathedral seating plan, Catholic Historical Society life membership.

SUBGROUP: 076 St Peter-South Side
DESCRIPTION: Plans and Specifications (1952), Bulletins (1991) and Financial Journal (1871-1897)

SUBGROUP: 085 St. Richard-Hill District
DESCRIPTION: Ledger (1894-1912).

SUBGROUP: 090 St. Stephen-Hazelwood
DESCRIPTION: General Ledger (1904-1919) consists of monthly and special collections, records of donations, church expenses, pastors' and employees' salaries, insurance and taxes paid, church property income and utilities paid.

SUBGROUP: 093 St. Walburga-East Liberty*
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Files (1903-1966) consist of annual and financial reports, correspondence, agreements, and construction specifications. Pre-nuptial Agreements (1904-1950) consist of pre-nuptial agreements and marriage returns, unarranged.

SUBGROUP: 094 St. Wenceslaus-North Side*
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Records (1964-1990), Payroll Register (1983-1989), Annual Financial Reports (1948-1989), and Budgets (1981-1990).The payroll register is closed.

SUBGROUP: 095 St. Wendelin-Carrick
DESCRIPTION: Cemetery Lot Purchase Records (n.d.) list date of purchase and by whom, lot number, amount paid and amount owing. Included also is whether a full lot is purchased and whether a deed is issued.

SUBGROUP: 112 SS. Peter & Paul-Beaver
DESCRIPTION: Construction specifications (1971) for the Church heating and cooling system, plumbing, general construction and electrical systems.

SUBGROUP: 126 St. Brendan-Braddock
DESCRIPTION: Annual Reports (1940-1967). Braddock Catholic Schools Merger (1973-1975) which consists of a proposed agreement to consolidate the Catholic schools in the Braddock area.

SUBGROUP: 128 St. Isidore-Braddock
DESCRIPTION: Annual Reports (1949-1957)

SUBGROUP: 129 St. Joseph-Braddock
DESCRIPTION: Ledgers (1877-1937). St. Joseph's Young Men Society (1888-1890) the first part of this volume is in German, the rest in English. Included are the rules, names of individuals who joined, the constitution and by-laws which are in English. Holy Name Society Minutes (1922-1923) consist of elections of officers and ways to become affiliated with the Diocesan Union of the Holy Name. St. Joseph School Specifications (c.1909) include types of materials to be used and methods of construction.

SUBGROUP: 130 St. Michael the Archangel-Braddock
DESCRIPTION: Architectural Records (1904-1959) consist of contracts between the church and the architect and contractors, blueprints of the school, agreements of sale for property owned by the parish, and a mortgage for the church built in 1904. Ledger (1959-1973). Monthly Record (1924-1926) was a newspaper which was distributed free to parishes. The issues contain articles about religion and the Diocese of Pittsburgh, saints, reports of collections for St. Michael the Archangel Parish and advertisements.

SUBGROUP: 131 St. Mary of Mt. Carmel-Braddock
DESCRIPTION: Annual Reports (1903-1959)

SUBGROUP: 132 St. Thomas-Braddock
DESCRIPTION: Property Files (1894-1964) documenting construction and repairs; St. Vincent de Paul Society Minute Book (1951-1971)

SUBGROUP: 175 St. Joseph-Coraopolis
DESCRIPTION: Cemetery Records (1905-1953) consist of date of interment, name of deceased, and lot number and cemetery. Not all named are buried in St. Joseph Cemetery located in Moon Township, (Allegheny). The death records are typewritten copies from the death register, which we do not have. This material is most useful for genealogical purposes; however, parents' and spouses' names and cause and date of death are not given.

SUBGROUP: 182 Assumption-Daisytown
DESCRIPTION: Announcement Book (1951-1974)

SUBGROUP: 226 St. Mary Magdalene-Homestead
DESCRIPTION: Cash Day Book (1881-1897) and Announcement Book (1915-1916)

SUBGROUP: 231 St. Timothy-Indianola
Description: Church bulletins (1934-1935), Histories (1935-1988) consist of histories of the church and church chapel, St. Timothy's Club Newsletters (1932-1988), St. Francis of Assisi-Harmarville Bulletins (1935-1936).

SUBGROUP: 250 St. Mary Czestochowa-McKeesport
DESCRIPTION: Church Bulletins (1959-1969) are written in Polish and English; they document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish events.

SUBGROUP: 268 St John the Baptist-Monaca
DESCRIPTION: Announcement Book (1919-1924)

SUBGROUP: 270 Transfiguration-Monongahela
DESCRIPTION: Building Committee Minutes (1905-1911), Holy Name Society Register (1956-1965), Holy Name Society Minute Book (1957-1965), Journal (1896-1922, 1951-1954), St. Vincent de Paul Society Minute Book (1956-1958, 1961-1969), Bulletins (1952-1987), Annual Reports (1954-1984) and 125th Anniversary (1990-1991).

SUBGROUP: 309 St. Joseph-O'Hara
DESCRIPTION: Holy Name Society Register (1947-1949) which gives the names and addresses of the members. Bulletins (1951-1972). Miscellaneous (1973-1996) includes Sesquicentennial celebration booklets and VHS videotape, a Parish Directory (1995) and Constitution and By-Laws of the parish council (1973). Architectural Drawings (1957-1991) for the new parish and school, convent and proposed changes to the church.

SUBGROUP: 313 St. Teresa of Avila-Perrysville
DESCRIPTION: Day Book (1884-1886) contains a record of cash receipts and cash disbursements.

SUBGROUP: 316 St. Michael-Pitcairn
DESCRIPTION: Church Bulletins (1956-1976) and Financial Reports (1959-1961) which document monies collected from offerings.

SUBGROUP: 322 St. Januarius-Renton
DESCRIPTION: Records include Administrative Files (1943-1966) containing correspondence, financial reports, building fund, history, and dedication materials. Religious School Programs (1953-1965) comprise handbooks, correspondence, roll books, reports. Church Bulletins (1943-1966) which document Mass and confession times, special collections, the present pastor, fund raisers, notices of baptisms, and other parish goings-on.

SUBGROUP: 356 St. Ann-Waynesburg
DESCRIPTION: Church Minutes (1927) included as part of the sacramental register.

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RECORD GROUP: 14 Schools

SUBGROUP:000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: The General Information files consist of anniversary and dedication publications, yearbooks, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and a bound volume of the New York Catholic Register. Included in the Schools-General Information are parish and diocesan high schools, seminaries, and colleges and universities.

SUBGROUP: 045 Bishop Boyle High School
DESCRIPTION: Records include Yearbooks (1966-1986), Scrapbooks (1962-1986) consisting of newspaper clippings, some ephemera, and some photographs. Miscellaneous Records (1962-1992) including dedication programs, awards, newspaper clippings, dedication program material, and a dedication film.

SUBGROUP: 046 Bishop's Latin School*
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Miscellaneous (1960-1988) consisting of correspondence, bulletins and programs, newspaper clippings and press releases, and school seal information. Yearbooks (1965-1973). Scrapbook, one book which contains loose and mounted newspapers and newspaper clippings. Motion Picture Film consists of one film reel, approximately twenty minutes in length. Payroll Records (1966-1970) consists of five payroll registers. General Ledger (1961-1968). The payroll registers are closed.

SUBGROUP: 065 Central Catholic High School-Oakland
DESCRIPTION: Records consist of Videotapes (1995) about Central Catholic done as a recruiting tool.

SUBGROUP: 079 DePaul Institute
DESCRIPTION: Records consist of Yearbooks (1959-1965), Golden Jubilee Book (1959), Dedication Booklet for the St. Catherine of Siena Chapel (1962) and Memorial Book (1960) for St. Marie Antonia McLinden, principal of DePaul.

SUBGROUP: 211 St. Mary Magdalene*
DESCRIPTION: Record consist of a List of Pupils for 1901-1902 containing the student's name, age, name of the father and home address.

SUBGROUP: 255 North Catholic High School
DESCRIPTION: Agreements, Contracts, Finance Statements and Financial Reports relating to the construction of the school, 1940-1942.

SUBGROUP: 360 St Vincent Seminary
DESCRIPTION: Seminary Yearbook, the Seminarists Symposium (1918-1938).

SUBGROUP: 361 St. Anthony School for Exceptional Children
DESCRIPTION: The records include Administrative Files (1953-1978) containing office correspondence, histories, reports. Minutes (1953-1980) encompass changes to the charter and by-laws, recommendations for programs, routine business and Scrapbooks (1958-1967). Financial Files (1954-1979) consist of budgets, worksheets, ledgers, and financial reports and ledgers. Correspondence (1953-1978) consists of requests for admission, donations, requests for employment, explanation of policies. Scrapbooks (1958-1967). See also RG 18 03H.

SUBGROUP: 374 St. Michael Seminary-Southside
DESCRIPTION: Records consist of Board of Trustees Minutes (1890-1933), Seminary Rule Book (1844-1876) containing rules for study, behavior and discipline, and Journals and Ledgers (1856, 1862, 1921-1973) and List of Candidates for Sacred Orders (1862-1876), which gives the date and a list of names.

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RECORD GROUP: 15 Religious Communities-Men

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: The General Information Files consists of a folder for each Community which works or has worked in the Diocese. In the folders can be found: correspondence, newspaper clippings, anniversary programs and booklets, histories of the order, promotional material, funeral programs, etc. Often, the material within the file amounts to no more than a few items.

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RECORD GROUP: 16 Religious Communities-Women

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: The General Information Files consists of a folder for each Community which works or has worked in the Diocese. In the folders can be found: correspondence, newspaper clippings, anniversary programs and booklets, histories of the order, promotional material, funeral programs, etc. Often, the material within the file amounts to no more than a few items.

SUBGROUP: 032 Sisters Council
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of the History File (1969-1976) which includes histories of the council written by nuns, minutes, newspaper clippings, programs of meetings, and form letters. The Executive Board Minutes (1971-1986) which consist mainly of minutes of meetings, some correspondence and newspaper clippings. The Administrative Files (1969-1987) which contain annual reports and budgets, newsletters, office memos, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and records from various committees.

SUBGROUP: 033 Tri-Diocesan Sisters Leadership Conference
DESCRIPTION: The Administrative Files (1974, 1986-1995) consist of by-laws, minutes, and some reports and correspondence.

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RECORD GROUP: 17 Not for Profit Corporation

SUBGROUP: 001 Catholic Cemeteries Association
DESCRIPTION: The file consists of General Information (1927-1992) on diocesan cemeteries, primarily a list of the cemeteries and basic information about them such as their size, origin dates, location and number of plots.

SUBGROUP: 002 Catholic Charities
DESCRIPTION: Records include Minutes (1914-1934) containing financial statements, summaries of reports and cases, sales and purchases of property, etc. Annual Reports (1912-2001) consisting of 22 out of 85 annual reports from Catholic Charities; however, there is one annual report from Catholic Charities USA (1992). Legal Papers (1914-1956) consisting mainly of memoranda, correspondence, and drafts of charters and articles of incorporation. Miscellaneous Papers (1909-1983) consisting of correspondence about legislation on adoptions and social welfare, reports, form letters, invitations to speeches, blank membership cards, quarterly reports, newspaper clippings, history, audit, fund-raising campaign material. Miscellaneous Publications (1954-2002) consisting of newsletters, promotional material, anniversary and charity dinners programs, and silver jubilee booklet for Beaver County Catholic Social Service, 1938-1963.

SUBGROUP: 003 Catholic Institute of Pittsburgh
DESCRIPTION: Agreements and Contracts (1950-1971) relating to the construction of various schools in the diocese. Minutes (1922-1950). Specifications (1966) for construction at Vincentian Home. Appraisal (1967) of St. Paul Seminary property. Ledgers (1926-1981). Loans-in-Aid Program (1950-1965) account books. Toner Institute Cash Book (1977-1985).

SUBGROUP: 006 The Pittsburgh Catholic
DESCRIPTION: The collection consists of one series, Subject Files (1938-1994), containing information gathered on individuals, organizations, parishes and topics relating to Catholicism and the Catholic Church in the diocese. Primarily the files contain press clippings, mostly from the Pittsburgh Catholic but also from other newspapers. In addition, the files contain material gathered by or sent to the newspaper such as press releases, wire service stories, brochures, pamphlets and other publications.

SUBGROUP: 007 Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh Foundation, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: The collection consists of Annual Reports (1990-1998). Newsletters (1993-1995) which document funds' progress and ways to begin an endowment fund. Annual Liturgy for Charter Members (1993) lists members who attended the service.

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RECORD GROUP: 18 Hospitals/Health Care Services

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: General Information on the various hospitals, sociological homes and other institutions in this record group. Files include newspaper clippings, publications by and about the institutions, by-laws, photographs and some correspondence. In addition to this general information, we have additional information on some institutions specified below.

SUBGROUP: 01B Divine Providence Hospital*
DESCRIPTION: Baptism Register (1910-1964) for infants baptized in the hospital.

SUBGROUP: 03A Holy Family Institute*
DESCRIPTION: Admission Register (1900-1984) for orphaned children.

SUBGROUP: 03B Auberle Home
DESCRIPTION: Records include Annual Report (1993-1994), Program Objectives and Summaries (undated) and Promotional Materials (1992-1996).

SUBGROUP: 03D Gilmary School*
DESCRIPTION: Records include Student Files (1959-1977) which contain transcripts, admission information and background information. Appraisal of the building and property (1968) for insurance purposes and employee Payroll Records (1970-1977). Legal Files (1974-1978) consists of receipts of money left to the school, wills, and correspondence and a letter concerning the disposition of the sociological records.

SUBGROUP: 03E St. Paul Orphanage*
DESCRIPTION: The files of St. Paul Orphanage consist of Orphan Records (1841-1965) which contain information on the children such as their medical records, family history, admission information and correspondence. Also included are Sacramental Records (1871-1975), photographs and an Appraisal of the building and property (1965) prepared for insurance purposes. Admission/Discharge Register (1841-1965) lists when the children entered and left the institution.

SUBGROUP: 03F St Joseph Orphan Asylum*
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Annual Reports (1886-1912) containing a message from the president, financial report, name of money collector for a certain ward or church, and people contributing money from these areas and amounts are included in each report. The reports are all written in German. The Charter (1908) of incorporation of the Asylum. Financial Reports (1915-1936) list the same information as the Annual Reports. These also are written in German until the 1934-35 report. Ledgers (1867-1897) record monies collected and monies spent. Miscellaneous Legal Papers (1892-1893) consisting of a purchasing agreement for lots in Verona and a statement of monies collected through the sale of the lots. Orphan Records (1850-1938) consists of name of orphan, parent(s)' names, date of admittance, whether adopted, date of exit, etc. Admission Lists (1911-1938) contains the month and year, how many children are in the orphanage, and how many were admitted each month and their names. Docket Book (c1893) is a record of the important papers that belong and deal with the St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum. Primarily, this is limited to legal and financial documents.

SUBGROUP: 03G Toner Institute*
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Administrative Files (1900-1980) containing correspondence, memoranda, bills, budget documents, policies, meeting reports, newspaper clippings, history. Board Meeting Minutes (1957-1978) and Student Records (1915-1977). Admissions/Discharges (1932-1977) consists of notations concerning the name and date of the student admitted or discharged. Personnel Files (1969-1977) and Payroll Files (1969-1977) employee payroll records and statements of pay records. Temporary Shelter Files (1964-1967) consists of reports from Child Welfare Services of Allegheny County explaining why the child has been accepted by CWS and what problems the boy has. Financial Statements (1971-1976) consist of year end financial statements prepared by Certified Public Accountants. Incident Reports (1972-1977) consist of reports of rules violations and property damage, both accidental and deliberate, done by the students.

SUBGROUP: 03H St. Anthony's Orphanage*
DESCRIPTION: The records include Administrative Files (1920-1953) consist of minutes, statistics, studies, correspondence, histories. Financial Files (1921-1953) are composed of audit reports, financial statements, a ledger, parish collections. Correspondence (1921-1953) consists of incoming and outgoing mail, in English and Italian. Construction Files (1925-1931) include agreements, blueprints and specifications. Student Records (1921-1953) encompass medical reports, grades, correspondence. See also RG 14, 361.

SUBGROUP: 03I Rosalia Foundling Home*
DESCRIPTION: Record consists of Baptismal Registers (1891-1971).

SUBGROUP: 03J St. Joseph Protectory*
DESCRIPTION: Files consist of a Record of Residents (1895-1926) containing the child's name, age, sacraments received, date of admission and whether the parents are living or dead. Minutes of the Board of Directors (1945-1968) and Financial Records (1945-1969) including journals and a ledger are also in the collection.

SUBGROUP: 03K St. Rita Home for Infants*
DESCRIPTION: Record consists of a Baptism Register (1917-1934).

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RECORD GROUP: 20 Lay Organizations

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: General Information in this collection consists of newspaper clippings, souvenir programs, anniversary programs, convention programs, miscellaneous correspondence, and general histories of the organizations. In addition to this general information, the Archives has the following additional records from the following lay organizations.

SUBGROUP: 015 Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Minutes (1921-1969), Annual Convention Reports (1954-1995) Annual Business Meeting Reports (1959-1980). Bulletins (1923-1953) are in bound volumes. Articles, advertisements, upcoming events, reports of past events, death notices, etc. are included in the Bulletins. News (1954-1962) consist of newsletters which contain announcements of upcoming meetings, activities; short moral stories, short reports from various committees. Echos (1962-1975) is the new name of the News. Communiques (1976-1989) are short newsletters to DCCW members. Reports of upcoming events, death notices, congratulations, etc. are all included in these newsletters. Miscellaneous Papers (1914-1953) consist of correspondence to and from Bishop Hugh C. Boyle, senators and congressmen, articles about injustices to Catholics in Communist Europe, etc.

SUBGROUP: 019 Holy Name Societies
DESCRIPTION: Consists of Administrative Files (1911-1987) containing minutes, annual reports, correspondence, memoranda. Correspondence (1955-1983), encompasses files from the Bishop's Office to the Holy Name Society and materials originating from the Holy Name Society. Deaneries (1946-1987), materials in this series are made up of correspondence, ephemera (e.g., a necktie), memoranda, reports. Celebrations (1929-1983), material in this series consists of material on banquets, Holy Name Day rallies, special Masses, correspondence, reports, a set of blueprints for a Eucharistic rally in 1955, newspaper clippings. Annual Conventions (1925-1987) incorporates programs, correspondence, form letters, reports, planning files, meeting minutes. Newsletters (1947-1987), include Diocesan Newsletters published by the Pittsburgh Diocesan Union Holy Name Society and Headquarters Newsletters. Scrapbooks (1938-1958) of newspaper clippings. Civic Awards (1978-1986) consists of proclamations, personal greetings, and resolutions from the City of Pittsburgh; New Castle; Allegheny County; and the Governor of Pennsylvania.

SUBGROUP: 027 St. Thomas More Society
DESCRIPTION: Administrative Files (1967-1991) included membership information and information on the Red Masses and other Society activities.

SUBGROUP: 034 Serra Club*
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Administrative Files (1943-1959) containing minutes, correspondence, application cards, some financial statements, and information about the 1959 Convention held in Pittsburgh. Miscellaneous (1951-1994) consists of awards and dinner programs, newspaper clippings, timeline, publications. Membership Rosters (1945-1994) consist of thirty small paperback booklets and contains the officers, current members, deceased members, and by-laws. Pledge's Records (1954-1972) consist of forms which contain personal information such as address, employer and type of employment, whether single or married, where attending church, date and place of birth. Newsletters (1947-1992) discuss the previous meeting, coming speakers.

SUBGROUP: 038 Knights of St. George
DESCRIPTION: The records include Administrative and Financial Records (1929-1976), which include merger proposals, budget documents, policies, ledgers, meeting reports, and undated rosters. Death Registers contain a record of insurance payments to deceased members. Publicity and Programming Materials (1976-1981), include a file of news releases on various activities, slide presentations with audio tapes and written scripts. Membership Dues Books (1880-1886), include lists of names and a list of payments. Charter Books (1894-1925), document the date the branch was founded, and they usually contain a list of charter members. Minutes (1892-1976), include summaries of branch meetings and occasional financial statements. Monthly premium ledgers (1892-1976), contain members' policy information as well as a schedule of premiums paid and benefits received. Account Books, (1916-1981), provide summaries of branch expenditures, although some are more detailed and complete than others. Branch Correspondence and Publications, (1940s-1970s) consist largely of odds and ends that found their way into a historical collection assembled by the Supreme Office in the late 1970s. Constitutions, Charters and By-Laws (1881-1983). Charters and By-laws of the Knights of St. George, (1881-1983), Cadets Organization Charters and By-laws, (undated) Knights of St. George Ladies Auxiliary Charters and By-laws, (undated) and District Committees Charter and By-laws, (undated) Retirement Home, Wellsburg West Virginia, (1950s-1970s) consist entirely of commemorative odds and ends collected by the Supreme Office after 1950. Camp Rolling Hills, (1969-1980) a dedication program and a staff manual. The Knight of St. George, (1908-1983) consists of the actual newsletters and prints and negatives of the photographs used in the newsletters. Miscellaneous Publications and Printed Materials (1916-1982) include commemorative booklets and pamphlets, convention programs, ceremonials and brochures printed for the Respect for Life program in the 1970s.

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RECORD GROUP: 21 Diocesan Synods

SUBGROUP: 000 General Information
DESCRIPTION: Consists of Decrees and Statutes (1869-1954) for all the Synods during this period. All of these records except for the last Synod are written in Latin. Also included are the complete Proceedings for the 1971 Synod.

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RECORD GROUP: 22 Miscellaneous

SUBGROUP: 001 Manuscripts
DESCRIPTION: This collection consists of collections of Manuscripts (1731-1899) compiled by Msgr. Andrew A. Lambing for use in writing his histories of the diocese.

SUBGROUP: 01A Monsignor A. A. Lambing
DESCRIPTION: The Monsignor A. A. Lambing papers (1868-1918) consist of Correspondence (1880-1904), Diaries (1888-1918), Sermons, Articles and Lectures (1868-1906)

SUBGROUP: 01B Reverend John Canova
DESCRIPTION: The Reverend John Canova papers (1921-1948) consist of Correspondence (1921-1948), Research Notes (undated). Collected Correspondence (1911-1923) contains letters to and from bishops, priests and others about the history of the diocese.

SUBGROUP: 01C Reverend John Hickey
DESCRIPTION: The Reverend John Hickey Correspondence (1874-1901) deals mostly with his trial in Rome concerning the financial state of the Diocese.

SUBGROUP: 01E Reverend James Shanahan
DESCRIPTION: The Reverend James Shanahan Correspondence (1956-1977) deals with his missionary work in Peru. Much of the material is in Spanish.

SUBGROUP: 01E C. Holmes Wolfe, Jr.
DESCRIPTION: The papers consist of Administrative Files (1965-1970). Diocesan Pastoral Council files (1967-1968) examine issues of race and problems facing the diocese. Eighteenth Diocesan Synod Files (1968-1971) documents the Synod's activities. Liturgical Committee (1959-1969) consists of minutes, correspondence and publications relating to lay involvement in the Mass. Miscellaneous Publications (1958-1973).

SUBGROUP: 01H Reverend Henry Szarnicki
DESCRIPTION: The Manuscript Collection of Reverend Henry A. Szarnicki (1848-1866) were compiled by Reverend Szarnicki while he was writing a book on Bishop Michael O'Connor.

SUBGROUP: 01I Monsignor Carl P. Hensler
DESCRIPTION: The Papers (1921-1938) consist of newspaper clippings (1935-1938), 2 copies of Fu-Jen Magazine (1932), lectures and lecture notes (n.d.), certificates (1921, 1923) from the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith and St. John Lateran Basilica, and a Scrapbook (1935-1938) of newspaper articles that deal with social issues and the Church along with articles about the Catholic Radical Alliance and St. Joseph's House of Hospitality.

SUBGROUP: 002 Other Dioceses
DESCRIPTION: Consists of General Information (1843-1951) about parishes once in the diocese but now outside the current boundaries of the diocese. Material in the general information files consists mostly of completed surveys (created by the archivists) sent out in 1923 and 1951, photocopies of newspaper articles about the parish or priests, anniversary programs or brochures, some correspondence between the diocese and the parish, and other miscellaneous things too numerous to mention. There is also a set of files relating to Bishops of other dioceses who were originally from Pittsburgh.

SUBGROUP: 003 Papal Volunteers in Latin America
DESCRIPTION: Volunteers' Files (1962-1971) contains application information, office and personal correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Administrative Files (1961-1972) contains annual reports, application forms, tax information for volunteers, general and miscellaneous correspondence, insurance policies, training information, and departure ceremony information, account book, promotional posters and flyers, financial reports, and minutes.

SUBGROUP: 004 Pro-Life Movement
DESCRIPTION: Newsletters (1985-1997) consists of pro-life newsletters from three sources: pro-life organizations located within the area of the Pittsburgh Diocese, Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and NCCB newsletters and newsletters from national pro-life organizations. March for Life Booklets (1985-1997) contain information on the activities taking place during the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

SUBGROUP: 005 Sesquicentennial Committee
DESCRIPTION: The records of the Sesquicentennial Committee include: Administrative Files (1990-1993) such as minutes, memoranda, correspondence, schedules of events, lists of Sesquicentennial Committee members, lists of aspect planning committee members, summaries of meetings; Social Concerns Files (1939-1993) histories of social programs, correspondence, pamphlets and booklets compiled by the Secretariat for Social Concerns; Research & History Subcommittee (1989-1994) includes correspondence, watercolor sketches, planning documents mostly for Shepherds of the Faith; Publications (1990-1993) promotional booklets, Catholic Directories, programs and Pittsburgh Catholic special supplement; two VHS Videotapes: "Sesquicentennial Closing Liturgy Diocese of Pittsburgh" and "Letters to the Diocese of Pittsburgh: April 18, 1993;" and Plaques awarded to the Diocese of Pittsburgh by the commonwealth, counties, and City of Pittsburgh leaders, and other officials.

SUBGROUP: 006 Audio-Visual Collection
DESCRIPTION: This collection consists of reel-to-reel audio tapes, cassette tapes, motion picture film and videotapes. The Audio series (1967-1972) consists of thirteen reel-to-reel and eleven cassette tapes. Eight reel-to-reel tapes are a series of meetings of the Diocesan Pastoral Council in 1967-1968 held in Synod Hall; two are from a Pax Romana symposium held in Pittsburgh in which Reverend Bernard Lonergan presented a paper on beliefs; and three are unidentified. Four cassettes document speeches by John Cardinal Wright in the 1970s and have been separately numbered. One cassette was from Bishop Wuerl's television program, "The Teaching of Christ" with guests Senator and Mrs. Rick Santorum. Six cassettes are housed in their own box; they are talks given at the Total Catholic Education Conference held in Pittsburgh on November 3-4, 1995. Unfortunately, not all of the tapes have been dated or identified. The Visual series (c1930-1996) consists of both motion picture film and video cassettes. Not all of the films are identified. Some of the videotapes are in Beta format or are for television station equipment; some of the motion picture films are in 35mm format. Most of the films are in black and white; but a few are in color. Subjects in this series consist of celebrated Masses, ordinations and episcopal installations, major television network and local television productions, funerals and interviews with bishops.

SUBGROUP: 007 Closed Offices

SUBGROUP: 07A Secretary for Social Concerns*
DESCRIPTION: Consists of Administrative Files (1947-1994) which include memoranda, correspondence and reports related to the administration of the secretariat. Adoption Records (1891-1971) give information on children adopted through Catholic Social Services. Budget Files (1972-1995). Catholic Social Teaching Files (1991) consist of records relating to the 100th anniversary celebration of the Papal Encyclical Rerum Novarum on the rights of workers. Includes memoranda, correspondence, planning documents, newspaper articles, promotional materials, and a record of diocesan activities. Correspondence (1988-1995). Departmental Files (1969-1995) consist of records relating to the interaction between the Secretary and the departments in the Secretariat. Staff Meeting Minutes (1971-1994) consist of a record of the meetings of the Secretariat staff. Sesquicentennial Files (1990-1993) record the activities the Secretariat conducted celebrating the history of social work in the diocese as part of the diocese's larger sesquicentennial observance. Secretariat Newsletters (1993-1997) which gives information about the Secretariat's departments and their activities and about issues in which the Secretariat is involved. Corporation Liaison Files (1923-1997) consists of records of diocesan related corporations and boards, such as Catholic Charities, on which the Secretary is a board member. Information in the files includes correspondence, minutes, annual reports, by-laws, newsletters, and publications.

SUBGROUP: 07B Department for Family & Community Concerns*
DESCRIPTION: Sacramental Register (1909-1952) of baptisms, marriages, confirmations and deaths that occurred in the area's correctional institutions and prisons.

SUBGROUP: 07C Office for the Ministry of Aging
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Correspondence (1991-1994), Lists of Nursing Facilities (1992-1995) including Alzheimer's facilities, Formation of the Office (1992), and Conferences (1993-1995) sponsored by the office.

SUBGROUP: 07D Office for Research and Planning
DESCRIPTION: The records consist of Administrative Files (1968-1972) with correspondence, records of special studies and task forces, staff meeting minutes and historical articles on selected parishes. Clergy Compensation Survey (1978) a survey of the clergy conducted by the Office on issues related to the compensation for members of the clergy. The Parish Financial and Statistical Report Summaries (1976-1986) consists of two computer printouts containing five years of data collected from the Parish Financial and Statistical Reports prepared annually by the parishes and submitted to the Chancellor. Project Files (1974-1998) contains projects that the Office conducted, including Braddock parishes consolidation, parish censuses and surveys, task forces, workshops, studies.

SUBGROUP: 07E Central Accounting Department
DESCRIPTION: Diocesan Building Ledger (1958-1971).

SUBGROUP: 07F Office for Special Events
DESCRIPTION: Consists of Programs & Events (1957-1996) which contain programs and brochures on bishops' installations and anniversaries, the Sesquicentennial of the Diocese, and educational conventions.

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RECORD GROUP: 23 Photographs

SUBGROUP: 001 John C. Keenan Collection
DESCRIPTION: Consists of photographs taken by John Keenan, a photographer with the Pittsburgh Catholic from 1962-1993. Most of the photos are negatives, with some prints and a few slides. See separate finding guide for a complete description of the photos.

SUBGROUP: 002 John Cardinal Wright Collection
DESCRIPTION: Photographs (1896-1976) consists mainly of photographs of Cardinal Wright's career and activities, but there are also photos of his family. See separate finding guide for a complete description of the photos.

SUBGROUP: 003 General Collection
DESCRIPTION: Photographs (1896-1996) consists of all photographs related to diocesan offices, personnel and activities including parishes, schools, priests, religious, institutions, lay organizations and events. See separate finding guide for a complete description of the photos.

SUBGROUP: 006 The Pittsburgh Catholic Collection
DESCRIPTION: Photographs published in the newspaper from 1984-1994. See separate finding guide for a complete description of the photos.

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