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Separated, Divorced or Separated?

The loss of a spouse through separation, divorce or death is one of life’s most traumatic experiences, leading to nearly unbearable feelings of loneliness and grief. Many people who have suffered this loss feel left out by their church, uneasy around married friends, unsure of themselves, and uncertain about their future.  The Beginning Experience Weekend is intended to help the separated, divorced or widowed pass through their grief and begin to move forward with their lives. Come to a safe place. Travel from heartache to hope, accompanied on the journey by individuals who have suffered loss as well.

The Beginning Experience Weekend helps grieving “single-again” persons travel through their loss toward the future with the support of others on the same journey.  The program helps deal with the natural recovery process and offers an opportunity, through God, for growth.

The weekend focuses on a personal journey to begin a new life with renewed courage and hope. Regrets, confusion, self doubt?  You don’t have to go through this alone.  There are others walking this hard road.  We know the pain. Come to a safe place.

These programs are presented by a team of people who have each suffered the loss of a loved one and are willing to share their own experience to help others.  The Beginning Experience Weekend is designed to move hurting people through a transformational process toward healing.  Founded by a Catholic nun and rooted in the Catholic tradition, the ministry’s open, ecumenical spirit serves those of all faiths.

We believe that through the grief resolution process, individuals participate in the death and resurrection of Christ as He lives in the world today; that those of us working through this experience can effectively walk with others for whom the experience is new and hard; and that the invitation to recover offers an opportunity for transforming one’s life, thus freeing individuals to love self, others, and God in new and deeper ways.

Payment arrangements and possible financial assistance are available. To learn more, visit or make a confidential call to Mary at 412-523-2405 or Steve at 412-367-4948.


Beginning Experience: Help for Grieving Singles


Widowed, separated or divorced? Don’t know where to turn? Struggling with grief or loss?

When distress, despair, anger or grief are trivialized, dismissed and remain unresolved, life may seem unfulfilled and aimless. The loss of self-esteem, together with feelings of sadness or bitterness, becomes a way of life. Wellmeaning people advise, “Get over it,” but it is just not happening.

Sometimes the pain of the loss of a loved one, either by death, separation or divorce, cannot be overcome quickly or easily. It has become a habit to utter, “I am OK” when asked, but inside there is a heavy heart. 

Healing can start with a Beginning Experience weekend at a retreat center. Through the Holy Spirit, a safe and sympathetic environment is created. Listening and understanding allows wonderful transformations throughout the weekend process. It is not a quick fix. Rather, the weekend renews hope that a new life can be found beyond the pain.

[As published in the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper, March 11, 2011]

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