Tell Me More: Sharing in Faith

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574 SHARING IN FAITH TM– Our Catholic Legacy

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Pittsburgh


Creating a permanent endowment to preserve and pass on

Our Catholic faith and heritage for the next generations



SHARING IN FAITH – Our Catholic Legacy Foundation is a powerful tool to help individual Catholics leave their personal legacies to strengthen and advance the Church. To preserve and pass on what you value for those who will follow in our footsteps.


SHARING IN FAITH – Our Catholic Legacy Foundation is a reminder of our personal responsibility to be good stewards of the many gifts God has placed in our trust.  It gives you the freedom to decide yourself how you can leave your personal mark on the Church today and the Church tomorrow!


SHARING IN FAITH – Our Catholic Legacy Foundation offers three types of funds to assist you in making permanent, lasting, named gifts for the Diocese, your parish, your parish school, or other Catholic ministries close to your heart. Those funds are:

  • Bishop Designated Fund– You create named fund. The annual distributions are used where the Bishop sees the greatest need at the time the funds are available.
  • Donor Designated Fund– At the time the fund is created, you select where the annual distributions will be made. The annual recipient must be for one or more acceptable Catholic ministries in the Diocese.
  • Field of Interest Fund – The Diocese has created a number of funds to sustain and strengthen certain Church ministries. The annual distributions will be allocated to broader categories. For example, Catholic education, social services, the education of priests and seminarians, etc.

To discuss your personal Catholic legacy, please contact:

Office for Stewardship and Development

111 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222    412-456-3085