Tell Me More: What is Stewardship?

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Do not be deceived . . . all good giving and every perfect gift is from above.  – James 1:16-17

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is too often confused with money.

“To be a good steward” does not mean simply “to give more money.” 

What is does mean, however, is to recognize that all of our gifts – intellect, skills, talent , experience and financial resources – all come from God and that we are each called to be accountable, to return those gifts with interest.

Stewardship is not about giving.

But it is about generously sharing our gifts with God through others.

Through our parish and our nearest parish school or CCD.

Through our Diocese, the local Church beyond the walls of our parish.

And through the many and varied ministries of the Church universal.

Our Bishops teach about good stewardship

In their beautifully written national pastoral letter on Stewardship, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops teaches us that proper stewardship is not a one-time act of generosity, but a lifestyle conversion.

A long-term, continuing process . . . a sharing, generous, accountable way of life rooted in Christian discipleship which [we] can take to heart and apply to the circumstances of [our] lives. – Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response (USCCB 2002)

Our own Bishop David Zubik reminds us in his pastoral letter to the Church of Pittsburgh, The Church Sharing! of our responsibility to be a sharing people.  The Church Sharing

You and I, all of us, need to be reminded of our need to share in this important action of Jesus, in this important activity of the Church. As we continue to be inspired by the Scriptures, this is an obligation, not an optional interest.