Ascension, North Side

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North Side

Parish History

Ascension was founded as a Lithuanian parish in 1906.  Very little is known about the origins of the parish, other than it was a result of the arrival of Lithuanian immigrants to the Manchester area around the turn of the century.  The parish was created in January of 1906.  Instead of building a new church, the parish purchased a Presbyterian church.  After renovation, the church was dedicated on September 8, 1906.

The parish remained small.  It never grew enough to support a school.  By 1962, the congregation had dwindled to 30 families.  However, it was not the population loss that led to the demise of the parish, but rather urban renewal.  In that year, the Urban Redevelopment Authority purchased the property to make room for an industrial park.  The last Mass in the parish was celebrated on July 29, 1962.  The church was torn down shortly afterwards.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

Ascension Church, 1938
Interior of church, 1938

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