Guardian Angels, West End

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West End

Parish History

Guardian Angels was established in 1911 as a Polish parish.  The founding of the parish was an outgrowth of Polish settlement in the West End.  Before the parish was founded, local Poles traveled to the South Side, Carnegie, McKees Rocks or the Strip District to attend Mass.  The first pastor of the parish was assigned on October 5, 1911.  The first Mass of the parish was celebrated in the hall underneath St. James Church on October 15, 1911.

On December 29, 1911, the parish purchased the Emanuel Ark Church of the Evangelical Association of North America.  The building was renovated and dedicated on August 18, 1912.  The church was renovated again in 1925 and rededicated on May 3, 1925.  

As the growth of population in the West End at the beginning of the century led to the creation of the parish, the loss of population at the end of the century led to its suppression.  In 1993, Guardian Angels was merged with St. James and St. Martin to form a new parish, which retained the name of Guardian Angels.  Guardian Angels church was closed in February 1994 and the building sold soon afterwards.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

Guardian Angels, 1932
Main altar, 1932
Side altar, 1932

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