Holy Family, Greensboro

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Parish History

Holy Family was established as a mission parish in 1947.  The origin of the parish can be traced back to 1924.  In that year the Missionary Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (MCCD) organized a mission in nearby Poland. The diocese formed the MCCD to bring religious instruction to Catholics living in small, isolated communities who did not have easy access to an existing church.  Before this mission was established, the few Catholics in Greensboro had to travel to Masontown to attend Mass.  On January 9, 1938, the MCCD established Greensboro as a separate mission.  In 1947, responsibility for Holy Family was transferred to St. Hubert, Pt. Marion.

Holy Family remained a mission of St. Hubert until the Diocese of Greensburg was created in 1951.  As St. Hubert was now a part of the Greensburg Diocese and Holy Family remained in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, responsibility for the mission had to be transferred.  On February 7, 1952, Holy Family became a mission of St. Ignatius of Antioch, Bobtown.

At this time Mass was being celebrated twice a month in a theater.  This situation continued until February 9, 1955 when the new Holy Family Church was dedicated.  This church remains open today and Holy Family remains a part of St. Ignatius parish.

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Holy Family Church, 2002

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