Immaculate Conception, Bloomfield

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Parish History

Immaculate Conception was established in 1905 as an Italian parish.  The events that led up to the founding of the parish are not known.  What is known is that the parish was organized on June 25, 1905.  At first, Mass was celebrated in a store room.  By September 1905, a frame was built and used as a temporary church.. At the same time, work began on a permanent brick church.  This church was dedicated on May 13, 1906.  The parish grew so rapidly that the pastor decided to build a separate chapel and school to handle the overflow.  This chapel, Holy Calvary Chapel, was dedicated on December 8, 1910.

After the church was damaged by a fire in 1925, it was renovated and enlarged.  In 1935, the parish discontinued celebrating Mass at the Holy Calvary Chapel.  The chapel was converted into a parish hall.  The hall was closed and sold in 1945. 

By the mid 1950's the church was in poor condition.  Rather than try to repair it, the parish decided to begin fund raising for a new building.  In 1959, the church was torn down and work on a new church began.  To celebrate Mass during construction, the parish purchased the Plaza Theater and converted it to a temporary church and classrooms.  The new church was completed in 1961 and dedicated on October 1, 1961.

In 1993, the shortage of priests in the diocese required Immaculate Conception to share a pastor and parochial vicar with St. Joseph, Bloomfield.  However, the two parishes remained independent.  This arrangement lasted until 2001 when the parishioners voted to merge the two parishes.  The new parish was named Immaculate Conception-St. Joseph.  Immaculate Conception church remains open and serves the new parish.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

Immaculate Conception Church, 1941
Main altar of Immaculate Conception, 1941
Side altar and shrine of Immaculate Conception, 1941
Immaculate Conception Church, 2001
Altar of Immaculate Conception, 2001
Holy Calvary Chapel, 1932
Interior of Holy Calvary Chapel, 1932

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