Saint Agatha, Ellwood City

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Ellwood City

Parish History

St. Agatha parish was founded in 1895, just three years after Ellwood City itself was incorporated.  From 1892 until 1895, the Catholic community was served by the pastor of St. Rose parish, Cannelton.  Mass was held in a private home twice a month in the summer and once a month in the winter.  During the other weeks, the Catholics of Ellwood City traveled either to Hoytdale or New Brighton to attend Mass.  In 1895, a frame church was built and named St. Agatha.  Most of the labor involved in the construction was done by parishioners.  The first Mass was celebrated in the new church in September 1895 and shortly after a resident pastor was assigned to the new parish.

By 1914, the congregation had grown to the point that a new church was needed.  Construction of the new church began in 1915.  The cornerstone was laid in 1917 and the new church was dedicated on July 28, 1918.  The old church was briefly used for parish social activities, but was eventually torn down in 1922.  This church served the parish for the remainder of the century.  However, as the century came to a close, it became obvious that the shrinking population and declining economy of the area made it impossible for two separate parishes to exist in Ellwood City.  On February 5, 2000, St. Agatha merged with Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary to create the new parish of Holy Redeemer.  St. Agatha church remains open as a worship site for the new parish.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

Exterior St. Agatha, circa 1932
Side view St. Agatha, circa 1932
Interior St. Agatha, circa 1932

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