Saint Alphonsus, Murrinsville

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Parish History

St. Alphonsus was founded in 1841.  The parish was the outgrowth of Irish immigration to the area, beginning in 1796.  Among the Catholic immigrants was Hugh Murrin, for whom the town was named.  For some 40 years, the small community was occasionally visited by priests either passing through the area or stationed at Sugar Creek, Butler or Pittsburgh.  Until 1841, Mass was held in the home of Hugh Murrin.  Eventually, the congregation grew to the point that a church was needed.  On August 23, 1841, a contract to build the church was drawn up and the completed church was dedicated on August 2, 1842.  Until 1850, the church was attended from either Butler or Sugar Creek.  In 1850 a resident pastor was assigned to the parish.

In December of 1892, a fire destroyed the interior of the church.  However, the stone walls of the building were still intact and after some debate, the congregation repaired the structure rather than tearing it down and building a new church.  The renovated church was dedicated on December 2, 1893.  This church continues to serve the community today.  However, the parish did not survive as an independent entity.  The diocesan reorganization and revitalization of the early 1990's led to the merging of St. Alphonsus, Epiphany in Boyers, St. Paschal in Argentine and St. Louis in West Sunbury in 1993.  The new parish retained the name St. Alphonsus and the original church building is still in use as a worship site.

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St. Alphonsus, undated
Rectory and church, undated

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