Saint Ann, Millvale

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Parish History

St. Ann was established in 1875.  Early Catholic settlers of the area attended Mass at St. Patrick in Pittsburgh, until St. Mary in Sharpsburg was established.  After that, the local Catholics began attending St. Mary.  They changed again in 1870 when the Forty-Third Street Bridge opened, making travel to the closer St. Mary Church, Lawrenceville feasible.  By 1873, the number of Catholics in Millvale had grown to the point that the building of a church in Millvale became practical.  In 1873 land for a church was purchased.  Work began on the building soon afterwards.  The cornerstone of the church was laid on September 24, 1874, and the completed church was dedicated on May 2, 1875. 

The new church was a mission of St. Mary, Lawrenceville.  When the short-lived Diocese of Allegheny was established in 1876, responsibility for St. Ann was transferred to Most Holy Name, Troy Hill.  In the same year, the parish became independent when the Holy Ghost Fathers were given responsibility for the parish.  Originally the parish had both German and English speaking members.  In 1887, the Germans split off and formed their own parish, St. Anthony.

By the early 1920's, the parish was ready to replace its original church.  In 1922, work on a new church began.  The cornerstone was laid on May 24, 1923, and the completed church was dedicated on March 17, 1924.  The old church was converted to a recreation hall and assembly room.  The old building continued to serve the parish in this capacity until December 1970 when it was torn down to make room for a new multi-purpose hall.

The church was renovated in 1948, 1964, and in 1974.  By the 1990's, the population of Millvale had dropped to the point that the town could no longer support the number of independent parishes in existence.  In 1993, St. Anthony was reunited with St. Ann to form the new parish of Holy Spirit.  At first, St. Ann remained open and served the new parish.  However, in 1998 the church was closed and later sold.

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Second St. Ann Church, undated

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