Saint Clare of Assisi, Clairton

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Parish History

St. Clare parish was established in Clairton on January 15, 1903.  However, the origin of the faith community stretches back to 1895, when St. Michael parish, Elizabeth established a mission in Clairton.  At that time Mass was held in a room of  the T. Campbell Glass Company.  As heavy industry, particularly the steel industry, moved into the area, the population grew rapidly, making the formation of the new parish practical.  The cornerstone of the new church, located on Wilson Avenue,  was laid on July 19, 1903 and the church was dedicated on April 24, 1904.  The parish remained a mission of St. Michael until April 1907, when the first pastor was assigned.

On January 6, 1924, a fire completely destroyed the church.  A new frame church was built on the site in the summer of 1925.  Although intended as a temporary structure, the church served the parish until 1954.  In 1953, construction was begun on a combination school and church building.  The cornerstone was laid on July 5, 1954, and the building was dedicated on August 12, 1954.  In 1987, the church was remodeled and the parish was renamed St. Clare of Assisi. 

With the collapse of the steel industry in the area with the subsequent loss of population in the 1980's, it was no longer feasible to maintain St. Clare as an independent parish.  In 1994, the parish was merged with St. Joseph and St. Paulinus.  As part of the merger, St. Clare Church was closed.  However, the new parish retained the name of St. Clare of Assisi.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

First St. Clare Church, 1903-1924
Interior of first church, 1903-1924
Second St. Clare Church, 1925-1954
Interior of second church, 1925-1954
Combined church/school building, 2002

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