Saint Francis, Munhall

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Parish History

St. Francis was established in 1891 as a German parish.  Very little is documented about the founding of the parish.  Before the parish was founded, German residents in Homestead and Munhall either attended the territorial St. Mary Magdalene parish in Homestead or traveled to St. Peter parish in Pittsburgh's South Side.  Around 1890, the pastor of St. Peter took steps to organize a mission in Munhall.  Work began on the church in 1890 and was completed in 1891.  Until the church was completed, Mass was celebrated in a rented hall.  In 1892, the parish became independent with the appointment of a resident pastor.

The congregation soon outgrew the original church and, after the turn of the century, work began on a combined church and school building.  The cornerstone of the church was laid on October 15, 1905, and the completed building was dedicated on April 1, 1906.  As the years advanced, the population of the area began to decline.  By 1967, the congregation had dropped to less than 100 families.  In that year the church caught fire and was no longer usable.  The next year, the pastor decided to resign.  Because of the small congregation and the cost involved in repairing or rebuilding the church, the diocese made the decision to suppress the parish on December 29, 1968.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

St. Francis church/school building, 1932.
Interior of church, 1932.

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