Saint Ignatius of Antioch

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Diocese of Pittsburgh Shield

Mass Schedule:

Sunday: 4 p.m.

Weekdays: Tuesdays and Thursdays only at 8:00 am


Daily: Before Mass

Weekends: After Mass

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Religious Education:

PO Box 63
Bobtown, PA 15315
Phone: 724-839-7122

Church Buildings: Saint Ignatius:

PO Box 63
Bobtown, PA 15315

Administrative Center:

PO Box 63
Bobtown, PA 15315
Phone: 724-839-7122
Fax: 724-839-7315


Rev. J. Francis Frazer, Moderator of Team Ministry
Rev. John M. Bauer, Team Ministry
Deacon Thomas W. Raymond, Deacon Administrator
Deacon Elbert A. Kuhns
Deacon James M Sheil

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Parish ID:


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Neighborhoods Served:


Parish History

St. Ignatius was founded in 1928.  At the time of church's founding, Bobtown itself was only three years old, having been constructed by the Shanopin Coal Company beginning in 1925.  At that time, catechism teachers from the Mission Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (MCCD) had been regularly visiting the nearby town of Poland.  By 1928 construction of the town had advanced to the point that it was practical for the MCCD to organize a permanent catechism class on May 27 of that year.  On June 10, the first Mass was held in Bobtown in a hall over a bowling alley.

The next year the coal company donated land for a church and ground was broken on June 24, 1929.  The cornerstone was laid on August 11, 1929 and the church was dedicated in October.  The parish remained in the care of the MCCD until July 20, 1937, when it became a mission of St. Hubert Church, Point Marion.  St. Ignatius remained a mission of St. Hubert until the Diocese of Greensburg was created on March 10, 1951.  As St. Hubert was in the new diocese, St. Ignatius again fell under the care of the MCCD.  Finally, on February 7, 1952, St. Ignatius became an independent parish.  A few years later, Holy Family Church in Greensboro became a mission of St. Ignatius.

This church served the community for over 40 years.  However, faced with the need of making substantial changes to the building following the Second Vatican Council, the parish decided that it would be better to build a new church.  Groundbreaking for the new church took place on February 10, 1974 on land donated by the Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation.  The completed church was dedicated on April 20, 1975.  This church still serves the community today.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

First St. Ignatius Church, 1932
Interior of first church, 1932
St. Ignatius Church, 2002

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