Respect Life Committee Handbook

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Why are Respect Life Committees necessary?

1. The rate of abortion continues to exist at well over a million abortions a year.

2. Women continued to be counseled to have abortions only to find that this quick and easy “choice” left them with emotional and/or physical scars that are difficult to cope with.

3. Disabled people are still seen as somehow less human, rather than as vital and contributing members of society.

4. Our elderly are too easily ignored and discarded with little regard for their contributions and their wisdom.

5. In the search for wonderful cures and break-throughs, some of our scientists are changing the ethics parameters and embarking on frontiers that use human beings as scientific experiments.

6. In a land of plenty, many find it difficult to obtain basic needs such as food, decent housing and adequate health care.

7. We live in a country where violence has marred society leaving many victims in pain, many offenders alone and imprisoned and many sitting on death row.

8. And people within our own parish communities live lonely lives.

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